What Are Adjustable Beds?

A proper buyers guide.

Do Adjustable Beds Help Snoring

Nothing beats a high-quality bed when it comes to obtaining a good night’s sleep. Traditional beds are rapidly being replaced by so-called adjustable beds. So, if you’re thinking about buying an adjustable bed, we recommend that you explore how you can benefit from one. Also so that you make sure it meets your demands and expectations.

An adjustable base can simplify your life in a variety of ways. Adjustable bases, in addition to letting you to read and watch TV more comfortably in bed. They can also have a number of health benefits, ranging from back pain relief to snoring reduction. We are going to look over all the health benefits of adjustable bases in this article. Get ready, because we plan to help you determine if an adjustable base is right for you.

The History of Adjustable beds

In the early 1900s, Dr. Willis Dew Gatch recognized the need of preventing severe infection in patients who were left lying flat following surgery. One could not move in the flat posture, and wounds were at risk of not draining properly to heal. In 1909, Gatch set out to create a bed arrangement that would allow patients to sit up during rest and effectively drain surgical lacerations. The bed, dubbed the Gatch Bed, served as the foundation for all future adjustable bed frames. The bed is divided into three portions, each of which can be positioned as needed to meet the specific needs of patients. During WWI, the Gatch Bed was utilized to aid in the healing of injured soldiers. The comfort provided by the positioning bed aided in the healing process. Gatch’s bed set the standard for the current electric hospital bed. This design is still in use today as a modern adjustable bed frames for home comfort.


Late 1900’s

When televisions were introduced to the bedroom in the 1950s, people realized that the room was no longer solely for sleeping. The bed had evolved into an entertainment center where I could read, watch TV, and spend quality time. The Craftmatic Adjustable Bed firm was founded in 1974 in response to a demand for improved bed comfort in the household. In the bed industry, the 21st century brought technological breakthroughs. As firms polished the cooling and comfort abilities of memory foam mattresses, they became the bedding of choice. The adjustable bed base provides the ideal foundation for a mattress that is extremely bendable. This has the added benefit of it being able to come shrink wrapped in a cardboard box.

So What Is An Adjustable Base?

An adjustable bed is a base with many hinges that lies beneath your mattress and provides customizable support. An adjustable bed is sometimes known as an adjustable base, adjustable bed frame, or power base, but they all usually refer to the same thing. All of them provide you with a more comfortable sleeping environment. Adjustable beds are usually motorized and operated by a wired or wireless remote, which allows you to elevate the head, foot, or other parts of the mattress. Some adjustable beds have smartphone app support, which may be operated by downloading the software to your phone or tablet. It may get more difficult to move around in bed as you become older. adjustable beds will make easier to change positions and get in and out of bed if you can raise the head of the bed. Additionally, some adjustable bases include underneath themselves. This then allows you to see where you’re going. Going to the restroom in the middle of the night? Or  accidentally kicked your slippers under the bed? These beds got you covered.

What Can They Do For My Sleep?

  • Comfort with pain relief
    – Regular beds can’t compare to the comfort of an adjustable beds. You can sit or sleep more comfortably, watch TV without worsening back pain, and have less back and neck discomfort overall while being totally comfortable.
  • Different sleeping positions (for partners)
    – Remote controls are included with adjustable beds, and if you plan to use a split model this will allow you and your companion to sleep however you wish. Perhaps you prefer to sleep with the head of the bed elevated but your companion does not. That won’t be a problem with an adjustable bed because each side can be adjusted separately.
  • Numerous health benefits
    – Adjustable beds can help with back and neck pain, post-surgery rehabilitation, snoring and so much more. After a long day, those with health issues such as diabetes, as well as athletes and pregnant women, can benefit from elevating their feet and lower body to assist minimize swelling.
  • Improved sleep quality
    – Adjustable beds allow you to select the ideal sleeping position for a restful night’s sleep. These mattresses can assist you in achieving the optimal sleeping posture, which is zero gravity. You will be able to fall asleep more easily and quickly, as well as sleep for longer periods of time.

Other Beneficial Applications

  • Improves blood circulation – You can immediately enhance blood flow or circulation by raising the upper or lower body with an adjustable bed. You may raise areas of your body, relieve pressure from pressure points, and allow appropriate blood flow and circulation throughout your body with the use of an adjustable bed.
  • Provides independence for the disabled – Everyone needs to feel like they can rely on their mobility, whether it’s due to old age, illness, injury, or an accident. That’s why being unable to get in or out of bed can be aggravating. Adjustable beds, on the other hand, can assist those with mobility challenges in getting out of bed by elevating the head of the bed. This increases movement freedom, which is beneficial to one’s emotional and physical well-being.
  • Improves sleep quality – Sleeping on adjustable beds is recommended for people who suffer from sleep deprivation or sleep disorders such as insomnia. The reason for this is the multiple comfortable sleeping positions that this bed allows you to accomplish. Sleeping in a zero-gravity position, for example, increases the likelihood of falling and staying asleep, as well as waking up rejuvenated.


We hope that our little insight into the benefits of adjustable beds helped you make the final decision. Before buying such a bed, bear in mind the quality, individual adjustability, longevity, and price. If you are searching to find a way to get the best nights sleep possible and want to improve your sleep experience then theres no doubt that looking into an adjustable bed is the right move. SleepCity has a variety of adjustable base options to fit your body and your budget. You can reap the health and lifestyle benefits of the greatest adjustable beds with a simple push of a button to lift your head, feet, or both. 

Other Adjustable Bases We Offer

E255 Adjustable Bed Base


The modern E255 adjustable base is an excellent intro option for elevated sleep. Featuring two-tone upholstery on a durable metal frame, the E255 is designed for seamless placement on foundations, platform bases, beds, or the ground. Try all three preset positions including: Zero Gravity, Anti Snore, and Flat. Includes backlit wireless remote control and a 10-year limited warranty.

What Are Adjustable Beds

What Are Adjustable Beds


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