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Without a doubt, one of the most effective kinds of self-care is sleep. Healthy physical function, positive moods, mental alertness, and healthy relationships all require adequate sleep. Sleep recharges your batteries so you can take on the day, but it’s not just about the number of hours you get. It’s all about the quality of your sleep. A  comfortable mattress makes up the foundation of a good night’s sleep. Finding an amazing mattress at a good price can be a challenge though.

This is where Nectar Sleep  might be able to help you out. Nectar has become one of the most prominent online mattress brands in recent years. With  the company’s flagship Nectar Mattress still being their most popular bed. The original Nectar mattress is a sturdy yet pressure-relieving bed. It has a thick layer of gel memory foam that helps the sleeper to sink into the mattress. Here at SleepCity we plan to go over all you need to know about The Nectar Mattress line with this in depth review.

About Nectar Sleep

As a human we spend a third of our lives sleeping, therefore the cost of a mattress should never be a deterrent to getting the finest sleep possible. Nectar is able to make a high-quality mattresses, while still being able to keep their prices as low as possible. They acquire only the best quality materials by working closely with their manufacturing plants across the world. They truly are committed to providing you with products that will help you sleep better and live a happy life. Nectar has always dreamed big, even from humble beginnings. They didn’t simply want to make a better mattress; they wanted to create a sleep revolution. So far, we believe Nectar is on the right track to doing so. Nectar has previously been rated the fastest-growing E-commerce company in the United States and a best place to work in New York City. Since the beginning their objective has been to make better sleep possible for everyone.

What is it like to sleep on?

Let’s get into the finer details of how it feels to lay on a Nectar Mattress. Now that you know a little more about the Nectar let’s see how it feels to lay on one of their mattresses. When it comes to feel, I like to start with hardness because that’s the best indicator of how you’ll feel on the mattress. I’d want to emphasize that firmness is a subjective concept, and my viewpoint may differ significantly from yours.  I asked a variety of people in the office to get a better overall sense of hardness, and we came up with a rating for it together. My colleagues and I agreed to give the Nectar a 7.5 out of 10 on the mattress firmness rating after talking it over.  The Nectar is somewhat stiffer than medium-firm when compared to the industry standard of 6.5 for medium firmness. Despite the fact that the Nectar is a memory foam mattress, I found it to be firmer than other memory foam mattresses I’ve tried. I didn’t sink as deeply into this mattress as I had hoped, but that could be due to the fact that I am a lighter sleeper – a heavier sleeper would certainly find this bed to be softer as they fell deeper into its memory foam layer. For side sleepers or those who like a pressure-relieving feel, this deep sinkage and body-contouring could be ideal. Combination sleepers, on the other hand, may prefer a bouncy bed that allows them to easily transfer positions during the night.

Who should get a Nectar Mattress?

  • Back Sleepers and Side Sleepers – This bed would be ideal for back sleepers and side sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds. They’ll sink in nicely, but not to the point of feeling stuck in the mattress.
  • Memory foam fans – This mattress has a traditional memory foam feel to it, which means plenty of sinkage, contouring, and pressure relief.
  • Amazing Price – The Nectar is extremely inexpensive, making it an excellent choice for those on a tight budget.
  • Shoulder or Hip pain – Personally I believe that anyone suffering from shoulder or hip pain would benefit from a Nectar mattress. It’ll most likely provide the necessary cushioning at sensitive pressure spots.

Who shouldn’t get a Nectar Mattress?

  • Combination sleepers – I believe combination sleepers would find it too difficult to change positions on the Nectar. You definitely feel “in” rather than “on top” of this bed. Most combination sleepers should choose a hybrid or latex mattress because they have greater bounce.
  • Stomach Sleepers – The Nectar Mattress Line isn’t hard enough for stomach sleepers, in my opinion. In order to  keep your hips aligned  with your shoulders, stomach sleepers require a more firm mattress.
  • Heavier Weight Sleepers – If you weigh more than 190 Lbs then i would stay away from Nectar’s line of mattresses. You might start to have problems of sinking into the bed too much.

The layers of Nectar

  1. Cover fabric – The Nectar mattress’s cover is made up of a mix of cotton and Tencel, a sustainable fabric made from wood pulp. This one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly cloth is bed insect and heat resistant. Tencel fiber is silky and breathable, helping to drain away moisture and increase air circulation to keep you cool.
  2.  Top layer – The top gel memory foam layer of the Nectar mattress is quilted into the cotton-Tencel cover to keep you cool. The quilted design helps provide the sinking sensation and shaping associated with memory foam beds, while the gel foam aids in cooling and providing a particularly comfortable feel.
  3. Mid layer – A one-inch layer of Nectar’s patented LushFoam sits beneath the quilted cover. While adapting to your body’s natural curves, the semi-open, fast-recovery memory foam gel absorbs and regulates body heat.
  4. Transition layer – The third layer is three inches of adaptive hi core memory foam, a dense and hefty material that is bouncy and responsive than the previous layers. The transition layer contours your pressure points and provide extra support.
  5. Base layer – A 2.2-pound solid foam base sits beneath all of these layers. The bed’s foundation is the High Vegetable Base Super Core base. In addition, the lowermost layer has strategic design characteristics that allows for fresh air to circulate throughout the entire bed.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, we recommend the Nectar Mattress Line for anyone who appreciates the sinking into bed feeling associated with traditional memory foam beds. Nectar is also a fantastic alternative for couples who have different sleep habits or find that their sleep is frequently interrupted by their partner’s movements, thanks to its motion isolation and adaptability. Back and side sleepers will find the Nectar sufficient, while stomach sleepers may require something harder to support their hips. If you are interested in looking at all that Nectar has to offer then you’re in the right place. You can ether click here or search SleepCity’s collection of Nectar Mattresses. If you’ve made it this far we thank you for reading and we hope you have a wonderful day.

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