Spring Air Mattress Reviews

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Spring Air Mattress Reviews
Spring Air Laurel Pillow Top

Brief History Of The Spring Air Mattress Company

Welcome to Sleep City’s Spring Air Mattress reviews! Before we get into everything these mattresses offer; we like to talk a little bit about the company behind them. Sometimes looking at the company’s goals and philosophy can give a better testament to mattress quality than a description list. Spring Air has been well known for its cutting-edge mattresses and bedding since 1926. The firm was started by Francis Karr, who was a visionary in his own right. Started in the USA, in Chicago. His weight-adjustable free-end offset coil design is now the most often imitated design in the bedding business. The business introduced quilted surfaces, button-free technologies, and extra-supportive sleeping materials in the latter part of the 1940s. The “Health Center” mattress, which had zones for various body parts, was created by Spring Air in 1953. Spring Air released the Pillow Top mattress in 1973. Spring Air has maintained its commitment to quality, cutting-edge design, and value over the past ten years, selling 4 billion dollars worth of sleep sets.

We like to highlight the length they have been in business because this is becoming more and more uncommon in the mattress space. A lot of new companies have popped up in recent years and don’t have the long-lasting reputation that Sleep Air has achieved. It takes time and dedication to remain in this industry for as long as they have. Throughout their tenor, many newer companies have mimicked their features. 

Spring Air Mattress Reviews – Why Choose A Spring Air Mattress?

Does your mattress have an impact on how well you sleep? Absolutely.

According to the majority of experts, people have been able to improve their sleep with changing various sleeping surfaces, and sleep is a crucial component of overall health. Beyond that, personal comfort is a subjective concept. Sleep is a crucial process that allows your body and mind to unwind so that you can awake refreshed and alert. The body needs adequate sleep to remain healthy and free of illness. Without enough sleep, the brain cannot work efficiently. Lack of sleep might affect your capacity to absorb memories, concentrate, and think coherently. Everyone agrees that getting a good night’s sleep should be a top concern, and Spring Air was established with this idea in mind. 

Throughout the years Spring Air had to adapt and evolve its products. Its reputation was based on innovation and high-quality production. Like any other industry, other manufacturers follow suit and recreated their designs with their own flare. We believe that this is one of the best testaments we can give to them, they are still standing and growing! They have no problem adapting to the newest comfort technology and have even extended their selections.  Spring Air Produces every mattress type you may be looking for: Hybrid, All Foam, Innerspring and More! Below are some highlighted facts about the company we thought were worth sharing!

  • Manufacturing Factories  In the USA
  • Voted Best Mattress Three Years In a Row by
  • All Natural Eco-Friendly Options
  • Anti Bacterial – Nano Shield Fabric Options

Made In the USA

Spring proudly has many manufacturing facilities in the USA.  They produce and sell to a variety of retailers in the US. 

Spring Air Mattress Reviews Highest Rating

Popular bed ranking and reviewing platform has given Spring Air the ” Best Mattress” award three years in a row. Spring Air has held a 99 rating from them for a long period of time and even showcases a large about of testimonials from some of their customers about the positives of the various mattress they produce. 

All Natural Eco Friendly Options

It’s challenging to pin down exactly what is meant by “eco-friendly.” To different people, it might indicate different things. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the term “eco-friendly” refers to having a minimal influence on the environment or being created with that in mind. Spring Air has created a Nature Rest line that is naturally and sustainably produced. Their focus with this line is on helping the planet shift toward more renewable products. “For those who believe natural is better”. 

Anti Bacterial - Nano Shield Fabric

Spring Air has produced lines that feature a Nano-shield fabric. This reduces all viruses by 98% within four hours. The Nano-Shield fabric has a cutting-edge finishing addition that combines antibacterial and viral activity-reducing qualities. The finishing treatment uses a permanent, non-migrating antimicrobial technology to get rid of various organisms and provide you a clean, fresh surface to sleep on. It is an environmentally friendly, recyclable, non-leaching, and Oeoko-Tex certified technology.

The Spring Air Mattress Collections

Leading mattress manufacturer Spring Air is recognized for its superior products. Several distinct collections, each with special elements to accommodate various sleep requirements. The several collections they have produced are broken down here along with brief summaries. We hope that this will assist you in better narrowing your options.

Spring Air Mattress Reviews: Breathe Collection

*Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly* The focus of this line is health and safety. The Breathe line feature the Nano-Shield fabric that has a cutting-edge finishing treatment addition that combines antibacterial qualities with a suppressing impact on viral activity. The finishing treatment uses a permanent, non-migrating antimicrobial technology to get rid of various organisms and provide you a clean, fresh surface to sleep on. It is an environmentally friendly, recyclable, non-leaching, and Oeoko-Tex certified technology. It also features a Gel Comfort Memory Foam that is designed to provide additional pressure relief, release trapped heat, and increase ventilation, keeping you comfortable all night long.

Antimicrobial fibers are also included in the upper layer. These fibers are resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites.

You can achieve the highest level of comfort by combining this with the nu-temp foam in the second layer. You'll always get into a restful, wholesome slumber.

The Back Support model affects the layers, size, and comfort of the mattress. For instance, you may find the same bed in several comfort levels (Ella Firm, Ella Plush, or Ella Pillow Top).

Spring Air Mattress Reviews: Back Supporter Collection

Do you wake up every morning with back pain? In that case, you might require the extra center support that this mattress offers. This mattresses concentrates on giving central support using a thick coil system or more dense foam.

The structure is made up of five distinct layers.

First Layer: Quilted fabric in the top layer, which feels smooth.

Second layer: Nu-temp foam, which provides additional comfort near painful regions and doesn’t heat up like memory foam.

Third Layer: High-density back support foam, which supports the middle layer.

Fourth Layer: A three-zone coil spring unit in the fourth layer supports the back, hips, and shoulders while minimizing motion transmission.

Fifth Layer: Foam encasing on the edges makes up the fifth layer (where people usually sit)

The main advantage of this multi-layered construction is the support in the middle third of the mattress. After using this mattress, back and stomach sleepers should experience instant relaxation.

Spring Air Mattress Reviews: Four Seasons Collection

The Four Seasons mattress maintains the same hybrid design as the earlier Spring Air models. It ideally integrates the coil and foam layers.

The addition of gel to the foam layers enhances the mattress’ overall aeration. You will stay comfortable all night and your mattress will have adequate breathing room.

There are numerous reasons that increasing airflow should be a priority.  As an example, it keeps the mattress completely dry. Additionally, because the heat is released significantly more quickly, a healthy temperature is constantly maintained.

But this characteristic sets it apart from the competition. The term “Four seasons” has a deeper meaning.

First of all, the covers of the beds in this series are detachable. The cover may be readily changed to correspond with the season in the standard “zip and flip” method. For instance, on warm days, you may add a thin, cold cover. Simply switch it out for a warmer one when winter comes.

That’s not all, though. Wool fibers make up the mattress’ top layer, which is fantastic for retaining heat and keeping you comfortable throughout the night.

Spring Air Mattress Reviews: Chattem and Whells Collection

A quick glance is all it takes to recognize that Chattam & Wells shouts luxury. The thoughtful design finds influence from current fashion and furniture industry trends.

It may fit into any interior because to its genuine and slightly basic style. But you may certainly make it the focal point of your bedroom if you so want.

You might say that this mattress type takes a lot of effort to create from the inside out. It is made up of several layers, each of which is crucial to comfort.

Top Layer: Hand-tufting enhances longevity and maintains the mattress straight (no bulging).

Second Layer: Tencel that promotes aeration, avoids moisture buildup and overheating

Third/Fourth Layer: Additional insulation is provided by the Joma wool, and the essential center layer is shielded by a polyester and rayon barrier.

Center layer: Your bed can adjust to your favorite position thanks to the micro coil. Additional support is provided by the robust foam below, which also helps the mattress regain its original form.

Bottom-Center Layer: Your entire body will be supported and comfortable because of the thick innerspring technology.

Base Layer: Hinged-flex coil is located at the very bottom, adding even more support. But more crucially, it maintains silence throughout the entire bed.

Spring Air Mattress Reviews: Natures Rest Collection

The Nature’s Rest  mattress is made using natural materials in mind. The 4-way Stretch knit linen-infused textiles completely enclose the 100% all-latex mattress to help you sleep cool and comfortably all night. The firm mattress type has a multi-layer construction with layers of 2″ Comfort quilt foam, Extra Firm latex, and medium latex, all topped with a 6″ Natural Latex Support Core. This distinctive design offers you solid,  support that floats and conforms to your body. A 2″ high duty support foundation foam provides complete support for the latex. Nine tests are conducted on each Talalay layer to ensure a constant feel. Cotton is 30% thinner than linen. Talalay latex has a distinctive, buoyant feel. Since both Talalay and linen are permeable, they work together to provide a cooler sleeping environment. Talalay is quite robust (it is used in airplane tires). The Eco Institute rates it as opulent, secure, and environmentally friendly. Both Talalay and linen decompose naturally. Talalay is produced from the sap of the Hevea tree, while linen is produced from the flax plant.

Spring Air Mattress Reviews
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