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Wellsville 14 Inch Gel Foam Mattress

Two-inch layer of ventilatedgel-infused memory foam eases pressure points and regulates temperature. A 6-inch layer of high density base foam offers superior support and a firm feel. An ultra-soft quilted cover creates an air layer for luxurious comfort.

Purple Premier 3

The perfect balance of comfort and support, the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 offers our most popular combination of body-aligning, responsive

S755 Smart Adjustable Bed Base



Thanks to added head tilt and lumbar support, the premium S755 smart adjustable base allows you to fine-tune your sleep like never before. Try all five preset positions including: Zero Gravity, Anti Snore, Lounge, TV, and Flat. Plus, this high-tech upholstered base has the latest ReachAssist™ technology, pulling the bed back as you incline so you never lose your place next to the nightstand. Before you turn in for the night, wind down with a relaxing head and foot massage—with four programs, three intensities, and three time settings. Includes wireless remote (with motion-activated LED backlighting) and a 20-year warranty.


Use the MALOUF™ Base App to set up automatic snore detection for the smoothest transition to silence you’ve ever experienced. You can thank us later.

Personal Comfort R11 Number Bed Mattress

Compares to Sleep Number® i8 bed. The Rejuvenation Series number bed mattress give you the ability to adjust your level of comfort and provides rejuvenation benefits to help revive your body through out the night.

Purple Premier 4

Our thickest layer of GelFlex™ Grid provides the most pressure relief and our most immersive feel. It’s ideal for sleepers who want

Instant Comfort S7

Superior Construction, Quality, and Technology If you enjoy the feeling of a memory foam mattress but desire the adjustability of

Instant Comfort Q7

Superior Construction, Quality, and Technology ​​The Ultra-Plush Comfort Q7 features our three-piece, aloe pillow-top cover, a layer of gel-infused visco elastic

Diamond Tennessee Dreamer Mattress

Customized comfort and support that meets all of your needs. Our variety of memory foam regulates your core temperature for a more natural sleep while contouring to your natural shape for a comfortable sleeping posture.