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Brief History Of The Serta Mattress Company

Welcome to Sleep City’s Serta Mattress Review! We always start our reviews with a small overview of the company behind the mattresses. We believe you can learn just as much about a product from how their company works as you can from a description list(that we will get to later). Serta is a company that probably doesn’t need much introduction. They have been in the mattress game since 1931. Many people will remember their counting sheep commercials that featured funny animated sheep getting into mischief. This company has been in the business for more than 90 years and supplies products to over 150 countries worldwide. 


In the Market For a New Mattress?

If you are in the market for a new mattress odds are that you have seen one of the many options they provide.  What most people do not know is their pledge to be eco-friendly. 100% of Serta innerspring and box springs are made from 95% post-industrial recycled steel. The wood in their foundations is certified sustainable from the forest stewardship council! All of their products are OEKO-TEX certified( no harmful substances or chemicals).  

With the long-lasting reputation of quailty they have continued to lead the way in innovation. They have adopted to the newest technology available and applied it to their products. 

Even with these advancements, they have always kept the environment in mind. This quote below encapsulates their stance perfectly. “We continually strive for the highest-quality standard in everything we do. That’s why you can expect us to always create innovative sleep solutions, optimize manufacturing processes, aim for environmental sustainability, and work seamlessly with our authorized retail partners.

Serta Mattress Review – Why Choose A Serta Mattress?

The short answer is, that they have been an industry leader for generations and have built a reputation for quality construction and results. The long answer is: 

Improving your mattress has been proven as the easiest way to increase the quality of your sleep. There have been many studies on the effects of a persons mattress on their sleep. The majority of specialists concur that by upgrading their mattress, people may improve the quality of their sleep, which is important for overall health.  To feel refreshed and alert when you wake up, your body and mind must be able unwind while you sleep. The body needs adequate sleep to remain healthy and disease-free. Without enough sleep, the brain cannot work efficiently. Your capacity to concentrate, remember information, and think coherently may be affected by sleep deprivation. We think that its pretty easy to agree that obtaining a good night’s sleep should be a top concern, and this is the idea behind the design of the Serta mattress collections. They produce a wide variety of mattress types and therefore have a product to match all the different needs someone might have!



The Serta Mattress Collections – Quick Breakdown Of Their Different Options


Serta Mattress Review:  iComfort 

One of Serta’s premium lines is the iComfort. Of Course, You stay cool while sleeping thanks to the Serta iComfort’s design. The multilayered mattress-cooling foam technology used in the iComfort mattress is very supportive and breathable. It eliminates heat and controls body temperature for a pleasant, cozy night’s sleep. The iComfort is available in soft, medium, firm, and extra-firm variants. A Max Cold Cover that feels cool to the touch and Air Support Foam that eases aches and pains are included in some versions.

Serta Mattress Review:  iComfort Hybrid

A more recent addition to the iComfort range, the Serta iComfort Hybrid offers 4 choices, including cooling and enhanced pressure point relief. Flat tops, Gel Active memory foam, Air Support foam with air channels, and enclosed coils are all features of these mattresses.

Serta Mattress Reviews:  Serta Serene Sky

One of Serta’s most recent mattress offerings is the Serene Sky. They provide a direct-to-consumer alternative through their online site, providing price-conscious customers with a competitive mattress at a cheap price. Their web store offers alternatives with firm, soft, and plush pillow tops, individually wrapped coil support systems, and Cool Twist® gel foam.


Serta Mattress Reviews:  Perfect Sleeper

Looking for a Hybrid mattress with mid-range pricing? Introducing the Serta Perfect Sleeper collection. Their mid-range Renewed Sleep Pillow Top contains individually wrapped coils that offer responsiveness and pressure point relief, runs the firm, and has a layer of gel memory foam for comfort in the pillow top. Serta’s 1000 Edition Custom Support Coil System, which consists of individually wrapped coils, is a component of all of their ideal sleeper models, including the Renewed Night and Luminous Sleep. This system helps to relieve pressure and offer support while minimizing motion transmission.

Serta Mattress Reviews:  EZ Tote

Serta’s response to the lucrative mattress-in-a-box market is the EZ Tote. One of Serta’s thinner mattresses, the EZ Tote, is sent in a box, compressed, and rolled up at a reasonable price. On top of a foam core, the 8″ Sheer Slumber EZ Tote mattress has a layer of gel memory foam. Most importantly, there is an additional layer of transitional support foam in the 10″ Sheep Retreat EZ Tote.

Serta Mattress Reviews:  Artic

The Reactex® System from Serta, which was created specifically to absorb heat and keep things cold. Consequently. the Arctic mattress is offered as an all-foam model, a hybrid model, and a Premier model with an additional layer of foam or micro-coils.

Serta Mattress Reviews:  Sleep Scape

One of Serta’s most recent hybrid mattresses is called the Sleepscape. The Sleepscape’s key selling point is its Omniform coil technology, which combines coils with foam and has a total height profile of 9 inches. Therefore. the general stiffness of the Sleepscape is described as medium.


Serta Mattress Reviews:  Iseries

For comfort and support, Serta iSeries mattresses blend memory foam technology with a cutting-edge coil system. The 886 Pro-Support Coil System adjusts to your motions throughout the night while the Cool Reaction Gel Memory Foam maintains the proper amount of pressure on your body and minimizes the development of body heat. The HyperFeel Surface cover fabric, which is breathable, soothing, and supportive, is another feature of iSeries beds. 

Serta Mattress Review:  Hotel Mattress

This collection is for you if you’re one of those persons who prefers to spend a luxurious hotel night at home. However, each mattress in this series has two sides, so if one doesn’t suit you, you can completely flip it around. These beds are sturdy, cool, and pleasant. In the US, Serta collaborates with several hotel chains. This suggests that you might mimic the same comfort at home if you’ve slept on a Serta mattress while traveling.



Common Serta Mattress Questions


Serta Mattress Warranty

10-year limited 

The industry-standard 10-year limited warranty is offered with Serta mattresses. The mattress’s flaws are covered under the guarantee, but damage or comfort issues are not. However, you must fill out a claim form on Serta’s website in order to submit a claim. To file a warranty claim, you must present evidence of purchase. If a replacement is authorized, Serta will additionally charge an inspection fee and a shipping cost.

How long does it take for a Serta mattress to expand?

Innerspring mattresses from Serta don’t require stretching out and are ready to use as soon as you place them on a foundation. Serta’s bed-in-a-box models will expand and be ready to use within approximately a minute after unpacking. Over the following one to three days, they could gain a few more inches.

Serta Mattress Trial Period:

To begin your free return for items bought directly from Serta, contact the business by phone or email. You have 120 days to determine if you want to keep your mattress as part of Serta’s in-home sleep trial. The manufacturer advises, however, that you give yourself a few weeks to get used to sleeping on your new mattress before thinking about returning it. You won’t be charged any shipping, restocking, or other costs by Serta if you return your mattress.

Do Serta mattresses smell?

When new Serta mattresses are initially opened from their boxes, they could have a little odor. For goods made of compressed foam, this is typical. However, Before placing sheets on the mattress, Serta advises giving it some time to air out. Serta mattresses are made using foams that are CertiPUR-US certified and do not release any hazardous chemicals into the air.

Do Serta mattresses need a box spring?

To ensure the mattress has sufficient support and breathability, Serta advises placing their mattresses on a box spring or platform bed.

Do I need to flip my Serta mattress?

Depending on the model, your Serta mattress may or may not need to be turned over. Although all other designs should be referred to the mattress label, the Hotel Mattress Collection is dual-sided.

Are Serta mattresses eco-friendly?

Yes! Since Serta’s latex is inherently anti-microbial and allergy resistant, many of the materials utilized in its mattress coverings are manufactured from organic cotton or bamboo. However, they also employ foams made from soy.

Where Are Serta Mattresses Made?

In the United States, Serta has 28 manufacturing facilities that produce mattresses. The largest mattress producer in North America, Serta employs over 5,000 people in the United States, including Puerto Rico.

How much do Serta mattresses cost?

Depending on the type and size you select, Serta mattresses might cost anywhere from $399 to $1,599 or more. However, On Serta iComfort models, upgrades to the cooling and comfort capabilities are not free.

Is Serta a good mattress?

To accommodate the demands of virtually any sleeper, Serta provides a selection of models with varied choices, features, and sizes. Of course, customers enjoy that Serta offers financing choices, free standard shipping, and a 120-night sleep trial warranty on all mattresses ordered online.

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