Resident Serenity Sleep Bundle – Review & Guide

resident serenity sleep bundle

Resident Serenity Sleep Bundle
Resident Serenity Sleep Bundle

Welcome to our Resident Serenity Sleep Bundle review! If you have found this blog then you are probably wondering if this bundle is a smart purchase. Well, you are in luck! We are going to break down the pros and cons of this sleep bundle in this review. Sleep is such a crucial part our lives.  When we are sleeping, our consciousness is changes, and we are comparatively quiet and silent and have little contact with our environment (depending on the stage of sleep). While we are physically silent while we sleep, the brain is quite busy and performs a number of critical tasks. 

Every bodily function depends on sleep, including our capacity to fight off illness, build immunity, regulate our metabolism, and reduce our chance of developing chronic diseases. Sleep also has an impact on how we will feel and think the next day. Because it affects every facet of health, sleep is multidisciplinary. At Sleep City we want to make sure that you are able to get the best sleep possible. This is why we stay in touch with the industry and are continuously watching for new technology. As weird as it sounds, yes these bedding pieces may have some technology that surprises you! Want to talk to a sleep expert instead of reading about it? Click the bottom right of your screen to open our chat!

Who Is Resident? Quick overview of the company behind the Resident Serenity Sleep Bundle.

Before we jump into the specific details about the Resident Serenity Sleep Bundle, we always like to dive into the company behind the product. We believe that understanding more about the manufacturer can tell you a lot about the quality of its product. Most people may not know the brand name “Resident” off hand. But most have heard of Dreamcloud, Nectar, Level Sleep, Awara, Siena, or Cloverlane. If you have heard of any of the previous products then you have heard of Resident. All of those are owned or are subsidiarys of the everygrowing Resident brand.¬†
Although the main office of Resident is in San Francisco, it should be mentioned that they also have a¬†R&D facility in Tel Aviv. While formerly the majority of their items were made abroad, they have recently begun shifting manufacturing here in the US. They started operating a manufacturing facility in Jeffersonville, Indiana, in June 2022. “We think your living environment shouldn’t only look beautiful, it should feel wonderful,” reads the mission statement for Residents. We have thus established a family of companies that emphasizes superior craftsmanship, classic design, and most importantly, comfort.

What is In the Resident Serenity Sleep Bundle?

Nectar's Resident Serenity Sleep Bundle has skin-safe antimicrobial technology for snuggling softness, even if you skip wash day. It comes with everything you need to sleep cool, clean, and comfortably. Each item of this bedding set contains a permanent, zero-transfer covering that both attracts and repels germs before it has a chance to develop and reproduce. The skin-friendly freshness of the sumptuously soft and cool 100 percent cotton sheet and pillowcase set is delivered, and the resilient and waterproof fitted mattress cover prevents bacteria, sweat, and smells. The antimicrobial memory foam pillows are exceptionally supportive, cool to the touch, and conform to your head and neck while preventing bacteria growth so you can sleep cool and rejuvenated.

Resident Serenity Sleep Bundle

The Super Snuggly Sheet Set

The 100% cotton sheet set is incredibly cozy, breathable, and kind to your skin. Your sheets will feel soft and lightweight while you sleep since every piece of the sheet set has a thread count of 300. And each wash just makes them softer.Created with head and foot tags, so you’ll always know which way is up.


  • Fitted Sheet
  • Flat Sheet
  • Mattress Cover
  • 2 Pillowcases

Cool-to-touch Pillows

The core of cool-to-the-touch pillows is made of sturdy memory foam. Each pillow features a long-lasting antibacterial coating, and cooling fibers are woven into the fabric to wick away heat from your body while you sleep. So each nap wonderfully cradles your neck, is cool to the touch, and smells clean.

  • High-quality memory foam to support your head and neck
  • Cooling fibers woven into the cover
  • Includes 1 pillow for twin/twin xl, 2 pillows for full/queen, 2 king size pillows for king
Resident Serenity Sleep Bundle
Resident Serenity Sleep Bundle

Anti-Microbial Mattress Protector

It doesnt matter how careful you are. Sometimes accidents happen, let this protector save you ruining your mattresses! TPU lamination for optimal protection, skin-safe, permanent antibacterial technology, and waterproof, durable materials. fits mattresses with a depth of up to 18". 100% polyester construction; washable in a machine. Features tags on the head and feet to make it clear which way is up. defends your mattress against germs that cause odors as well as mold, mildew, and fungus.

Who Cares? Why You Should  Get An Anti-Microbial Sleep Set.

A good night’s sleep is the best feeling there is. When you get enough sleep, your body can relax, your mind can rest, and your body and mind are reset for a healthy living. A regular sleep schedule increases daily energy levels, enhances cognitive function, and improves general living. One has to establish a nightly routine if they want to sleep soundly. A excellent sleep regimen must include high-quality bedding.

If you’re thinking about buying anti-microbial bedding as your next purchase, here’s what you should know:

They Are Cleaner

Use anti-microbial bedding to keep those little mites at bay. People frequently are unaware of the amount of filth, dust, and pollen that accumulates on their bed sheets. Little living things like fungus, mites, and mildew may live on bedsheets. These animal colonies stick to the linens in your bed. You may sleep well knowing that your sheets are clean when you spend money on a safe product like anti-microbial  sleep sets.

Anti-microbial sheets do not pill

Have you ever fallen asleep on a pair of smooth and plush satin sheets only to awaken to the sense of rough fabric? Even the softest sheets become unpleasant when the fabric balls begin to accumulate due to pilling.

When properly cared for, sheets made of performance fabric are not only anti-microbial but also anti-pill.

Anti-microbial sheets sets do not shrink or wrinkle

When you are having trouble getting your sheets to fit over your mattress properly and your sheets start to shrink after a few washing, it may be very annoying.

By selecting a company that specializes in high-quality bedding, you can be confident that your sheets will hold up to the recommended care and keep their size, color, and form.

Check out Sleep City’s¬†selection of anti-microbial bed sheet sets to help shield you from dust mites and other allergies. These sheets’ permeable material keeps you cool while you sleep and deters the growth of germs that cause odor-producing mold and mildew.

Helps With Skin Conditions

People who struggle to find comfort in their sheets, such as those who have sensitive skin, dry skin, or eczema, tend to have worse sleep cycles. This occurs as a result of the prevalence of fabric treated with pesticides and other chemicals, which can occasionally make sensitive skin unpleasant, itchy, and intolerable. Antimicrobial textiles are smooth, supple, and kind to all skin types since they don’t contain any skin irritants.

Absorbs Sweat At Night

With anti-microbial sleep sets, you get the best of both worlds: it keeps a hot sleeper cool by wicking away perspiration, while yet offering the same degree of comfort to a chilly sleeper. Get hold of a top-notch set from Sleep City!

Resident Serenity Sleep Bundle

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, we at Sleep City love the Resident Serenity Sleep Bundle. It is not only comfy but allows you to sleep peacefully knowing you are on a clean surface! The only real complaint we have received about this bundle is the price. However, when you break down all the different elements that come with this bundle it is very fairly priced! Looking for the perfect sleep set at a great price check out some of our selection below!

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