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Purple Premier 4 – Review and Guide

Purple Premier 4 – Review and Guide

Thinking About a Purple Mattress?

Purple Premier 4 Mattress

Brief History Of The Purple Mattress Company

Hello, and thank you for visiting Sleep City’s evaluation of the Purple Premier 4 mattress. As we begin each of our assessments, we always give a brief overview of the mattress’s manufacturer. We believe that understanding a brand’s business processes can reveal just as much about a product as a thorough descriptive list (that we will get to later). For people not familiar with Purple, while their technology has been around for decades they have only been in the mattress industry for just over 5 years. However, their proprietary Hyper-Elastic Polymer technology has quickly made them a leader in the boxed bed market. They are a made in the USA company based in Utah.

Giving Back To Those Who Give To Us

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All of these groups qualify for a discount of 10% on Purple mattresses.

The brothers who founded Purple, Tony and Terry Pearce, believe that good sleep makes the world go round. They originally developed their Hyper-Elastic Polymer technology in 1996 as cushioning for wheelchairs. This technology was later licensed for over 30 cushioning products including shoe insoles and medical beds. 

In 2015, the brothers decided to begin making mattresses for the residential market and Purple was born.

Purple Premier 4: – Why Choose A Purple Mattress?

In brief, in the time since their founding, they have been dedicated to using technology and innovative products to advance the industry. Purple holds over 30 patents for cushioning technology.

The long answer is: Adults usually require seven to nine hours of sleep per night and  children and teenagers need even more sleep. Health issues, work commitments, daily stressors, noisy environments, and several other factors can all make this sleep target difficult to achieve. Everyone can benefit from a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle choices to make sure they get enough sleep.

One thing to improve sleep quality is to examine your sleep surface. Studies show getting enough sleep can improve both heart health and memory. It can also reduce weight gain, and boost your immune system. Since Purple Mattress recognizes how crucial getting a good night’s sleep is to your health, they work tirelessly to produce high-quality mattresses. Purple uses a GelFlex Grid that instantly adapts as you move. It is engineered to be both soft and supportive.

Purple Premier 4 Layers

Purple Premier 4 Layers

Premium StretchMax Cover

Boasting even more stretch, the soft top material allows you to feel the full benefits of the Purple Grid, while ultra-breathable woven side panels encourage airflow.

4″ Purple GelFlex Grid 

Made from temperature-neutral, hyper-elastic GelFlex material, this gridded layer is engineered to flex directly under pressure points while still supporting the rest of your body.

Responsive Support Coils

Individually wrapped stainless steel coils pair with the Grid to offer dynamic pressure relief and support. Each coil is wrapped in premium noise-reducing fabric.

Purple Premier 4 – Benefits Breakdown

Purple Premier 4 Sleeper Contour


Air circulates more easily through the interior coils, which perfectly complement the GelFlex Grid’s built-in air channels.

Instant Response

Coils are, well, springy. They react to pressure quickly, and allow the flexible Grid to reshape as soon as you readjust and move.

Pressure Reduction

The soft, cushioning Grid cradles points like your hips and shoulders while still supporting the rest of your body.

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