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purple ascent adjustable base

Welcome to our Purple Ascent Adjustable Base Review & Guide! Like gas for a car, sleep is fuel for the brain. We can only arrive at our destination if the tank is full. But as time passes, the gauge gets lower and lower until there is no more and the vehicle comes to a stop.  Our minds function similarly. The main distinction is that sleep is the brain’s fuel. Without enough sleep, our thoughts start to slow down and become less effective. This continues until the mind is so depleted of the rest it requires that it collapses. The rest of the body pays the price if the brain does not respond responsibly.

We are all creatures of habit, therefore if without incentive, we’ll probably continue to carry out our daily routines in the same manner. The same is true when purchasing a mattress. But given how much mattress technology has advanced in the last few decades, it’s important to know what an adjustable foundation is and how it might enhance your sleep habits. In this article, we will go over the benefits of buying the Purple Ascent Adjustable base and a little bit about about the company in general.

A little bit about the Purple Mattress Company. 

If you follow our blog then you know that we like to include a small section in all of our reviews that highlight the company behind the product. We firmly believe that if you know more about what drives a company you can understand a little more about the quality of the products they produce. Purple has become a very well-known brand from its television commercials and online social media campaigns. What most people don’t know is that the brand was created by two brothers and has been in the mattress game for over 30+ years.  Brothers Tony and Terry Pearce originally started in the realm of sporting goods but quickly moved into cushioning materials and hyper-elastic polymers. This is where their mattress career really started. Over the next decade, they would apply for and obtain over 23 trademarks for comfortable cushioning materials, fluids, and polymers. In 2015 They created a video showcasing the science behind their new product ” The Purple Mattress”. It rapidly gained interest and in 2017 it announced a merger with Global Partner Acquisition Corp(GPAC) and was renamed to Purple Innovation INC. Since then they have become a major mattress brand producing mattresses, seat cushions, pillows, and a large amount of other mattress-related accessories. 

Why choose the the Purple Ascent™ Adjustable Base

The Ascent Adjustable Base offers exceptional, individualized support for your mattress at a reasonable price and is intended to help you sleep better and feel more comfortable during the day. To work while relaxing in bed, choose the Sitting setting. Try Zero-Gravity for a feeling of almost weightlessness. To stop your spouse from snoring, select Anti-Snoring mode. You won't ever want to sleep on a regular bed frame again after you've experienced everything an adjustable foundation has to offer.

Who is the The Purple Ascent™ Adjustable Base Best For?

  • People looking for the best best "anti-snoring" option.
  • Those who are looking for a good-looking adjustable base by itself. It is made up of very nice-looking upholstery and wooden legs. 
  • Anyone that believes a sleep trial and warranty are vital.

Who is the The Purple Ascent™ Adjustable Base Worst For?

  • People with limited space for their mattress base.
  • Someone looking to have a multitude of different presets.
  • People looking for a massage option in their adjustable base.

The Purple Ascent™ Adjustable Base Features

Remote Capabilities

Different Position Settings

Like most adjustable beds, you can raise and lower both the head and foot areas.

By choosing this option, the adjustable base will be configured to elevate the head region until a comfortable sitting position is supported. Reading or watching TV in bed is both enjoyable in this environment.

According to research, a snorer's head can be gently raised during the night to help stop them from snoring. The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base's anti-snore setting gently elevates the head region to reduce the likelihood of snoring.

Zero Gravity
The body of the sleeper is raised in this position, giving them the impression that they are in (you guessed it!) Zero G. Pressure on the back may be lessened as a result.

Save Your Favorite Positions
Use the remote control to save your preferred laying locations, then adjust them as your tastes change.

Single Button " Flat"
You may reset the base to its flat default position by pressing a button.

USB Ports:

You can conveniently charge a phone or other small gadgets from the bed thanks to the two built-in USB charging outlets that are located on either side of the bed frame.

Brackets For The Headboard:

Headboard brackets are an extra cost if you wish to utilize a headboard with the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base.

What Mattresses Work With The The Purple Ascent™ Adjustable Base

Any mattress that is compatible with an adjustable bed frame can be used with the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base. Therefore, your bed could operate with the Purple foundation even if you don't have a Purple mattress.


The Purple Ascent™ Adjustable Base Breakdown

Product Materials

This product is made out high-quality materials. This includes wooden legs, metal framing,  patteneed soft foam, and well-sewn upholstery. 

Ability To Adjust

This frame was created so that you had complete adjustability. The head and leg sections are able to go from an upright to a flat position. This is roughly a 45-degree angle for each!

Remote Controls

A lot of people don’t want things to get hi-tech and complicated. This remote was based on simplicity. With only minimal buttons and easy-to-use forms, it is perfect for all customers. 


With the amount of movement that this frame has, it makes it easy to hug tightly to a wall and takes a lot less space them some other options. 


All adjustable beds make noise when they are being moved up and down. This is due to the fact that motors are being used and weight is being redisrupted. This is true for the Purple Ascent™ Adjustable Base. It can be more on the noisy side while moving.

Zero Gravity

This is quickly becoming a standard position for a lot of different models of frames. This is one of the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base’s unique characteristics. The bed frame may make you feel as though you are floating in space with the push of a button. This can relieve strain on several parts of the body, particularly the lower back.


Tired of poking your partner and asking them to roll over. Sick of having to wear earplugs to go to bed? With a single tab on the remote, you can tilt the head section of the bed up. This can relieve strain on the air channel and make it easier for your partner to breathe. You can also save the perfect position based on your partner’s needs. 


This frame was created with high-quality materials and comes with a great warranty/ Trial period.

Resident Serenity Sleep Bundle

Final thoughts on the Purple Ascent™ Adjustable Base

Final remarks on our impressions on Purple’s Ascent Adjustable Base. This is an excellent adjustable foundation that is nicely made and will serve you for a long time. There are a few more amenities, but nothing over the top. This aids in keeping the price more affordable. If you decide to utilize a decorative bed , it should fit perfectly. We also value the fact that, if you’d rather utilize a headboard, you can buy headboard brackets. In all, this is a fantastic choice for anyone searching for a high-quality adjustable foundation that won’t break the bank.

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