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S755 Smart Adjustable Bed Base



  • The pinnacle of relaxation and luxury, the Structures™ S755 Adjustable Bed Base gives you everything you need for a great night’s sleep.Additional features include 5 preset positions (Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, Lounge, TV, and Flat) and six programmable positions that can be customized and saved to match your personal preference. The luxurious massage feature gives you four types, three intensities, and three time settings. Our wireless LED backlit remote control is motion activated so you can simply pick up the remote to light up the buttons. And the underbed LED lights cast a warm glow bright enough for you to see, but soft enough so you stay relaxed. This base also includes a backup battery to power your base in the event of a power outage.
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5 reviews for S755 Smart Adjustable Bed Base

  1. NickP

    Sleeps great! Love that it adjusts my head higher needed to achieve better sleep.

  2. HHVH

    Very easy to use, works as intended. Quiet, smooth. Love the under light function for using the bathroom in the middle of the night. Now I just need to keep my preschooler away from the remote!

  3. Holtz

    It’s the best for a no pain, peaceful sleep. I no longer wake up with back pain.

  4. Melissa B

    I bought this after returning a cheaper base and it’s worth every additional penny.

  5. Anonymous

    Overall suits our needs for elevating head and/or feet. Love the zero gravity mode. Can’t use the massage feature as it’s quite loud and we are on the second floor in a quieter condo community- bummed about that.

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  • Incline options up to 60 degrees for head, 45 degrees for foot panels
  • Extra head tilt and adjustable lumbar support help you find the perfect position
  • Five preset positions with ability to customize six more
  • Innovative Reach Assist™ moves the bed back so you’re never far away from the nightstand
  • Convenient charging ports, underbed LED nightlights, and built-in Bluetooth®
  • Access to extra customization with the award-winning Malouf Base ™ App
  • 12 head and foot massage combinations with timer
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