Restonic Supreme Foundation



Mattresses aren’t the only important part of your bed; you also need the right foundation. Our Foundation provides perfect weight distribution and surface-area support in a single rugged package. The sturdy framework of cross beams and support beams is constructed with rock-solid Grade-2 SPF (spruce-pine-fir) wood, complemented by the exclusive Ever Edge® feature for complete, consistent support. The soft fiber panel and dust cover are protected from tears by and a durable fabric layer and corner guards, making it a great foundation for your bed. The queen box springs are the most popular size, but the Sleepys Foundation comes in all standard sizes to accommodate spring, memory foam, latex, or all-natural mattresses, with 5” low-profile and 9” standard-height options available

  • Strong Wood Beams
  • Provides a Cover to Keep Dust Out
  • Regular or Low Foundation: 9” or 5”
  • A Guard Protects Corners and Fabric from Tears
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