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Recovery SoftCell® Comfy Pillow



Thoughtfully designed for customizable comfort, the reversible SoftCell® Comfy Pillow is a hybrid of designer down alternative fill and the soft, contouring curves of premium memory foam. Our SoftCell® pillows are easily adjustable, allowing for a thinner or thicker loft based on your sleep needs. Wrapped in our innovative Recovery fiber cover, we’re here to help you discover the benefits of better sleep.

A Hybrid of Comfort Options

Looking for lofty, soft comfort throughout the night? Discover the comfort of individually tufted pockets filled with our designer down for the cushioned feel of down without the allergen drawbacks. Flip the SoftCell® Comfy over for the contouring, reserved response of puffed memory foam. Easily adjust the loft by removing the small interior pillow. All that, wrapped in our Recovery responsive fabric cover. 

Comfort + Recovery

Did you know that you naturally generate an average of 100 watts of power every second? Your body uses this energy for essential functions, however only about 40% of that power is utilized while the remaining 60% goes unused.

Our bodies have a chance to rest, refresh, and replenish each night. In order to do so, your body is constantly producing energy in the form of infrared wavelengths. Mineral-based CELLIANT® infrared responsive fibers are designed to upcycle your body’s wasted infrared wavelengths by reflecting them back into your muscles and tissues. This encourages a surge of oxygen at the cellular level, which helps your body increase overall tissue oxygenation by an average of 8%.**  Not only does this positive boost help stimulate quicker recovery, clinical trials have also revealed numerous positive effects on sleep wellness, including periods of longer, deeper sleep throughout the night with sleep efficiency improving 2.6%* on average.

The FDA has determined that CELLIANT® products are medical devices (as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act) and are general wellness products.

 *CELLIANT® Pilot Sleep Study, Dr. Marcel Hungs & Dr. Annabel Wang, University of California – Irvine Medical Center, 2010. **Single Center Prospective Comparative Study to Evaluate the Performance of an Upper Torso Garment, Dr. Ian Gordon, Long Beach VA Memorial Hospital, Journal of Textile Science and Engineering, 2014

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1 review for Recovery SoftCell® Comfy Pillow

  1. Siobhan W.

    Hands down, this is the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever owned. Continuous cooling on one side and ultra-comfy support on the other. Honestly, does it get any better than this?

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