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Nectar Premier Memory Foam 13 Inch Mattress



Mattress Feature


Adjustable Base

A perfect fit for any of our wide selection of adjustable bed bases.


Motion Seperation

Your mattresses ability to absorb motion when you toss and turn.


Cooling Technology

Components and materials that help provide a cool and comfortable nights' sleep.


Breathable Surface

Enhanced airflow throughout the mattress to keep you cooler.


Environment Friendly

Made without harmful chemicals, emissions, or elements.

Back & Neck

Back & Neck Support

Your mattresses ability to stabilize and distribute weight to help maintain natural spine alignment.

Details and Specs

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Nectar Premier Memory Foam 13 Inch Mattress

  1. Stacey H.

    I love my Nectar mattress and adjustable frame but now I am ruined for over night stays anywhere other than my bedroom. My husband and I went from a traditional mattress with springs and a pillow top to the Nectar premium copper. The first few nights I was worried since it took 2 nights to get used to sleeping on memory foam but on the third night my body had totally adjusted. I am a side sleeper and have found that I am no longer tossing and turning. I wake up pretty much in the same position I fell asleep and my lower back no longer hurts. You can literally feel pressure releasing on you body as you adjust the position of the bed up and down.

    My husband snores and though he still snores I can say his snoring is no longer heard by the neighbors when his side of the bed is elevated a little. We decided to purchase the split king and I will never go back to a regular king again. Not only is it soooo much easier to move two small mattresses instead of one huge one but I can go to bed hours after my husband and play with my bed settings all night without waking him at all. The adjustable frame is pretty quiet (opening and closing my dresser draw is louder) and the frame has very smooth operation.

    We have been sleeping on this mattress for a few weeks now and we are very happy with our purchase.

  2. Josiah A.

    First, oh my. Oh my oh my. This mattress is what they’re talking about when they (literally, everyone on the planet who gets good rest but you) say, “oh my gosh I just fall asleep instantly.” Not going to lie, as someone who has spent their entire life living on sub-$200 mattresses, I truly thought the hype was going to be hogwash, “there’s just no way there’s a noticeable difference,” I told my fiancée, “that’s just money down the drain.” Well I am here to repent, because I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I go to sleep now, its like I’m being tucked into a orchestra of zen. I can’t wait to get into bed and I wake up feeling energetic and relaxed. I could have a really rough day out in the real world, but when I enter the Oasis of our Nectar mattress, I can dream. And that’s never been something I thought was possible!

    Other mattresses I’ve had in the past are just tools to sleep on, but Nectar gave me something different — comfort and a space for peace. I love it. I’ve slept on other popular brands before trying out Nectar, but they just didn’t have the right firmness or “plush” feel. Also, some other brands weigh 500 pounds, or take 4 straight days to offgas, filling your house with awful smells. My fiancee and I opened our mattress in under 2 minutes, put it on our bed, and it was ready to sleep on in 4 hours. And fellas, I slept on that mattress, and I’m never going back. Thanks, Nectar!

  3. Laynie-

    I have been having trouble sleeping and pain in the morning, and on a whim I stopped into Mattress Warehouse on Rt 70 in Brick (Christmas Tree Shop Plaza area). I met Kimberly, who was the saleswoman there at the time, and after listening to my woes, she showed me several different mattresses even though I had NO intentions of buying a mattress at that moment, but Kim’s personality won me over so I decided to hear her out. She was so down to earth and not pushy towards any mattress in particular, regardless as to whether it was $$$$ or $$. I suddenly found myself saying “Yes, I’m going to buy THAT one” (I went with a Nectar Premier). I will admit, I only slept on it one night so far and I had an incredibly better night’s sleep than I have had in quite a while. I will come back with an update but so far I definitely do not regret my decision. It is really comfortable. Jokingly Kim said “Trust me, you will be calling me and thanking me that you went with this mattress”….. I’m not ready to say that YET, (due to the short amount of time I have had the mattress), but I think she will be correct!! Already recommended a friend to this store, and even though Kimberly works mostly in Toms River, I hope she gets rewarded for the referral. I believe my friend Joyce will be visiting.

  4. Mandy B.

    3 1/2 years ago, we bought a new mattress and spent a lot of money on what was supposed to be “the best.” However, for the past 2 years, I had been living in an almost constant state of pain. I’d wake up throughout the night with hip and lower back pain, and it would continue throughout the day. Visits to the chiropractor would give me temporary relief, but it never lasted more than a day. I had made up my mind that I was going to get a Purple mattress, but thought I’d see if there was anything else out there before I did. In my search, I came across Nectar, so I dug in to try to get as much info as I could on it. After reading hours of reviews and information, we decided to try it out. After all, we had a year to either like it or send it back. I’ll admit, it took about 2 weeks to get used to, but now both my husband and I absolutely LOVE IT! I no longer wake up throughout the night with hip and back pain, and I don’t have pain throughout the day any more. And, my chiropractor visits are only for monthly “maintenance” adjustments. Nectar has been wonderful for us!

  5. Bill I.

    I purchased this mattress to replace one that was about 15+ years old.
    I had recently upgraded my children’s mattresses that where 10 years old with a new twin Nectar Mattress. My oldest daughter is a Leukemia patient and often suffered with body aches but not since 12-2020 when they got their new mattresses.
    I had been having spells with body aches and pains frequently when using the old mattress. I finally took the plunge myself and ordered the King size – Nectar Premier Mattress. Just before it arrived my lower back was giving me fits and I was back seeing my chiropractor. After getting my back straightened out, I found my sleep quality soared and my aches and pains were gone. My preference has been usually sleeping on my side and now I sleep better on my back and don’t wake up as often during the night. I wake up feeling rested and refreshed. I wish I had made this purchase long so I would have felt better and undoubtedly happier long ago.

  6. Bigbob27

    What a great mattress! The mattress might not be odd to some who’ve slept on more conventional mattress however if you go into it with an open mind the mattress is exceptionally supportive and while being firm its not too hard. Im a 250 pound male and i didnt just sink in.

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Quilted Cool Cover

Conk out cool with this soft, breathable poly-blend cover featuring heat wicking, cooling technology.

Nectar Smart Layer With ActiveCool HD

Zonk out in a temperature-responsive oasis, with a 3-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam with phase-change material. (Designed in labs to react to your rising and dropping body temperatures, auto-adjusting to your temperature as you sleep.)

Dynamic Support Layer

Get tailored bounce-back with 3 inches of dynamically adjusting foam. Get the support your body needs to relax into a deep sleep.

Stay-Stable Base Layer

This sturdy 7-inch foam layer ensures the comfort and support layers above it perform at their best.

Shift-Resistant Lower Cover

No slip-and-slide here. Your mattress stays together, no matter how much you jump on it.

Nectar Premier Adjusts To Your Sweaty, Freezing, Warm, Hot, Perfect, Whatever, Self.

While Nectar uses cooling materials in the cover, Nectar Premier builds on this by using ActiveCool memory foam, which dynamically adjusts to individual body heat. So if you sleep hot, it wicks your heat and stores it. If you sleep cool, it releases stored heat to help warm you. And with the Premier, you get the cooling cover, too. So you, or you both, or you all sleep even-steven and wake up like hibernation’s over.

More Cradling And Contouring. Less Motion Transfer

Doze off even more dreamily with denser foam in Nectar Premier’s comfort layer. That means you can really find your sweet spot without waking your partner, while drifting off as snug-as-a-bug in a body hug.

Construction Materials

  • 5-Layer Construction with Premium Materials
  • Contouring & Comforting Gel Memory Foam with Phase Change Material
  • Soft, Adaptive Response Transition Foam
  • Supportive Base Layer Foam
  • Cooling Poly-Blend Top Cover with Polyethylene
  • Durable Bottom Cover


Nectar’s foams meet CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability, and are analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

We’re Bed Frame Inclusive

We’re Bed Frame Inclusive
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