Instant Comfort S9 Plush 12 Inch Mattress



The Plush Comfort S9 is the best in our line of Plush Comfort mattresses that offer the ultimate in a smooth-top memory foam feel and adjustable comfort number bed technology. This bed provides a cooling sleep experience and includes a layer of gel-infused visco-elastic foam, a 2″ layer of convoluted foam that maximizes comfort and contouring above the air chambers. A support layer of foam below the chambers provides additional overall body support and support for all of the bedding components. The Plush Comfort S9 comes standard with a state-of-the-art air control system which measures pressure on the standard medical mm/Hg scale. Each side of the bed is completely customizable through touch screen controllers that allow for 45 precise settings from 5 to 50. The smooth-top cover is completely removable and professionally launderable to ensure years of clean, comfortable sleep. ​​​

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