Infinity Solstice 4D


From the moment you sit down, the Solstice 4D’s soothing calf heat and foot reflexology rollers loosen up and relax your lower body. What makes this chair unique is its easy-access Joystick Control which enables you to recline the chair and select auto programs without needing the remote. As you use the Joystick Control to cycle through auto programs the chair will conveniently announce the program before starting. Mobile phone running out of battery from playing your favorite music through the Premium Bluetooth speakers? No problem, just plug your device into the convenient USB Charging Port located on the Joystick Control, sit back, and relax.

The Solstice 4D’s high-tech features and refined design are sure to make it the centerpiece of any room. Make massage part of every day and start feeling better today.



4D Massage Technology

  The rollers move up and down as well as side to side – plus, the roller heads can also push outward from the track to increase or decrease the intensity of the massage. The rollers also speed up and slow down at various points to give attention to muscle areas that need it most.

Reflexology Foot Rollers

Replicating thumb and finger techniques of reflexology, the Solstice 4D’s foot rollers target vital pressure points on the feet that link to other areas of the body.

Body Scanning

Body scanning technology ensures that the massage rollers pin-point all of your unique pressure points by adjusting the position of the rollers and tailoring them to your own body.

Premium Bluetooth Speakers

Immersive speakers found in the headrest connect to Apple® or Android™ devices via Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy music, guided meditations, ambient soundscapes, and any other form of audio to enhance the mental experience of your massage.

12 Auto Programs

Convenient and easy-to-use automated and choreographed programs with a push of a button. Each program automatically changes massage techniques, intensities, and chair movements to create a complete massage session.

Joystick Control + USB Charging Station

Easy access joystick reclines the chair and selects auto programs without needing the remote. Charge any USB device while recharging your body.

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