Infinity Dynasty 4D


Featuring a 4D back massage mechanism that mimics the movement of human hands, from your neck and shoulders to your glutes. The triple foot roller Total Sole Reflexology™ provides relief via trigger points for a total body experience. Of course, the TrueFit™ scanning in the back and legs ensures a massage experience just right for your body. Step-up features include Complete Calf™ Kneading and Oscillating to rejuvenate your legs and feet. Add in the Chromotherapy Programs and the SoothMe™ Sound Therapy to enlist all your senses and help you wind down after a long day. The convenient Wireless Charging Pad will even let you charge your phone. Worried about space? Relax, the Zero Wall Fit™ Space-Saving Technology requires only 2″ of space behind the backrest at any given position.

The Infinity Dynasty 4D has everything you need to feel productive every day, whether you are winding down from a day at the office, recovering from a workout, or just need to recharge. Live better, relax and renew.


Infinity’s signature L-track pushes the chair’s quad rollers from head to thighs, making sure you receive an encompassing spa-like massage.

4D Massage Technology

Infinity Dynasty 4D Massage Chair comes with 4D massage rollers that can move up, down, left, right, in, out and provide custom speed, intensity, and adjustable heat levels.

Zero Gravity Position

Zero gravity positioning raises your knees above your heart, which allows the spine to decompress, provides a feeling of weightlessness, and maximizes the effects of the massage rollers.

Decompression Stretch

During this full-body stretch, the massage chair's airbags will grip your legs and shoulders as it reclines accordingly to soothe and relieve stress in your spine.

Spinal Correction & Waist Twist

The spinal correction feature uses powerful stretching techniques to extend and decompress your spine in order to relieve back pain. Alternatively, the Infinity Dynasty provides waist twisting, a milder option for back pain relief.

Reflexology Foot Rollers

Replicating thumb and finger techniques of reflexology, the Dynasty's foot rollers target vital pressure points on the feet that link to other areas of the body.

Lumbar Heat

Heating modules located in the back of the chair provide a soothing sensation as well as loosen your muscles to better prepare your body for the upcoming

Body Scanning

Body scanning technology ensures that the massage rollers pin-point all of your unique pressure points by adjusting the position of the rollers and tailoring them to your own body.

Airbag Compression Therapy

The Dynasty has airbags located throughout the chair that inflate and deflate to provide a sensational massage on the muscles that feel like real human hands.

Chromotherapy Lights

The Dynasty 4D contains chromotherapy lights on each side. Chromotherapy uses the color spectrum to allow you to balance your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental energy. You can choose between White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue and Purple along with 5 levels of brightness. You can also choose between the following themes: Solid, Breathe, Wake Up, Wind Down, Multi-Wave, and Multi Rotate.

Zero Wall Space-Saving Technology

This space-saving technology allows the Infinity Dynasty 4D massage chair to move forward on its track and axis, so that you can place it right against the wall.

Bluetooth Technology

Speakers on the headrest of the chair connect to Apple or Android devices via Bluetooth, so you can enjoy music, guided meditations, ambient soundscapes, or any type of audio to further enjoy your massage.

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