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Harmony Lux Hybrid Empress

Beautyrest® Harmony Lux™ Hybrid is the only premium Hybrid mattress to deliver a dynamic trio of sustainable technologies, proprietary ContourFit® Design construction, and our exclusive dual strand T2 Pocketed Coil® Technology for truly restorative, sustainable sleep. At the core of every model is our Precision Support System™, with its unique dual strand coil design that’s made exclusively for Beautyrest to deliver up to 18% more support* where it is needed most. Directly above this are layers of premium foams, including a high-density gel memory foam that contours to your body for personalized support and a premium memory foam featuring actual diamond particles to help conduct heat away from the body. To top it off, a suite of cooling technology layers will help you fall asleep and stay comfortable all night long†. Beautyrest has also expanded our partnership with Seaqual™ to offer their unique sustainable fabric technologies within each Beautyrest Harmony Lux™ Hybrid mattress.  Seaqual™ is a leader in ocean plastic recovery and upcycling efforts, and together this partnership will help promote cleaner oceans with every mattress sold.   *Results on Empress™ Series Medium; other results vary by model †Components vary by model

Contoured Sleep Surface for All-Night Comfort

Our proprietary ContourFit® Design Construction features a responsive sleep surface for up to 30% more consistent comfort* throughout the night. *Compared to the same mattress with a quilted top panel

Extra Support, Uniquely Beautyrest

Get up to 18% more support* where you need it most with the patented dual-strand design of the Precision Support System™, only from Beautyrest. *Results on Empress™ Series Medium; other results vary by model

Sustainable Comfort, Cleaner Oceans

Featuring Seaqual™ fabric technology. Seaqual™ recovers plastics from the world’s oceans and transforms them into beautiful, high quality sustainable fabrics that feel great and help promote cleaner oceans.
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10 reviews for Harmony Lux Hybrid Empress

  1. Np08

    I received this mattress a month ago and have been sleeping on it ever since. I love that it is a firm mattress but not so firm that it is stiff. It still has a bounce and a little give which makes it so comfortable but does not sink which can happen with mattresses that are not firm. I feel that it gives my back great support and i have slept very well lately. I have no complaints and i would definitely recommend it.

  2. Jeanam

    This mattress is super cozy and relaxing it is such a huge difference from my mattress before. It has really changed the sleeping game for me. It just like sleeping on clouds. Every night I get a good nights rest.No more waking up with back pain because the bed is packed with just the right amount of firmness and fluffiness all in one.

  3. HKitty

    I’ve had the Harmony Lux Hybrid Series Firm mattress for a few weeks now and it is the perfect mix of comfort and support. The firm mattress I chose is comfortable for both back and side sleepers. The mattress is cool enough to keep from overheating through the night. The support of the mattress has helped decrease my leg and back pain. This is a well made mattress that is great for couple’s because you don’t feel the other person’s movement. I would recommend this mattress to anyone wanting both comfort and support.

  4. Anonymous

    Tall and firm bed. Stands almost as tall as my previous mattress and box spring together. Easy to get on and hop off. But most importantly, it is COMFORTABLE! The mattress itself is also so beautiful I don’t want to put a sheet on it.

  5. Tsag78

    This without a doubt was a major upgrade from my previous mattress which was over 8 years old. The mattress gives me the pressure point relief that I need, without being too soft or too firm. Additionally, the mattress provides exceptional comfort of temperature, and comfort of movement. I have lower back pain and find it difficult to lay on my back with legs extended or on my bad side; however I can sleep in either of these positions with this mattress. The material is so amazing The Pressure relieving comfort Feels so good With the Gel Memory Foam, I can say I have never slept better I Highly recommend this.

  6. Jeff

    Love this mattress

  7. Joe

    Fantastic mattress and a great value

  8. Joe

    Fantastic mattress and a great value

  9. Joe

    Fantastic mattress and a great value

  10. Joe

    Fantastic mattress and a great value

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