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DreamCloud Premier 14 Inch Mattress



Mattress Feature


Adjustable Base

A perfect fit for any of our wide selection of adjustable bed bases.


Motion Seperation

Your mattresses ability to absorb motion when you toss and turn.


Cooling Technology

Components and materials that help provide a cool and comfortable nights' sleep.


Breathable Surface

Enhanced airflow throughout the mattress to keep you cooler.


Environment Friendly

Made without harmful chemicals, emissions, or elements.

Back & Neck

Back & Neck Support

Your mattresses ability to stabilize and distribute weight to help maintain natural spine alignment.

Details and Specs

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for DreamCloud Premier 14 Inch Mattress

  1. Olynomad

    *3 month update* Still sleeping comfortably on it. No sinking/sagging issues at all.

  2. B Deko

    Our old queen size mattress was from Costco and only about 6 years old. Still we decided to give this mattress a shot. Wow what an upgrade, and I don’t just mean the size. The mattress comes rolled up and vacuum packed so you’re able to get it into your house. We opened it and it sat for about two days before we used it (we waited to get a bedframe till we had the mattress in case something happened to it). Even when we first opened it though it was pretty full and plush and our four year old enjoyed breaking it in by jumping all over it. When we did setup our new bedframe it was easy to move the mattress into place because it has handles on the sides. The material is very high quality and feels lovely. The quilted top is a nice touch and makes sleeping on the bed even more luxurious. The size alone is a huge difference for us, but we were also surprised by how much more comfortable it was to sleep on this mattress than our old one. I can’t say all our aches and pains are gone, but we do feel more comfortable. The mattress is a good medium for us between firm and soft. It’s soft enough to feel comfortable but firm enough that it’s not a pain for me to get out of bed to take care of baby throughout the night. So far we’re very happy with it and highly recommend this brand for anyone needing a new mattress.

  3. A Mello

    Arrived on time. We messed up on unpacking it so we had to move it onto the bed frame. And yes it is heavy. We waited over 24 hours before sleeping on it. Super comfortable. Very firm but great support. My husband woke up with no back pain.

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