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Diamond Ethos Cove Hybrid

Naturally better. Hand-crafted with luxurious, eco-friendly materials, the Ethos Cove Hybrid naturally delivers a more restorative environment.
  • Quilted GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric for a soft and natural feel
  • Pressure-relieving and supportive natural latex for a weightless feel
  • Dynamic edge individually wrapped coils for supportive comfort and reduced motion transfer
  • Certipur-US certified foam for a healthier sleep
  • Made to order so your mattress is not just sitting in a warehouse
  • Hand-crafted in the USA
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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Diamond Ethos Cove Hybrid

  1. Chloe O.

    I sleep like a rock on this sucker

  2. VICKIE E.

    I ordered this bed after lots of research and reaching out to company with questions. The bed seems to be well made. It is a little firm for me but I’m older, small boned and light weight. I think it would be perfect for most people. I had been sleeping on memory foam that was sinking way too much so I wanted something that wouldn’t sink. I spoke to customer service and they gave me tips to help soften bed and also said to give it a little more time. Because I have some issues with pain I did require a topper which has made a difference. The customer service was exceptional and I would definitely recommend the bed and the company. I believe this bed will hold up for years to come.

  3. Jane C.

    This is my second mattress in 1 year. I now have Ethos Cove beds in both rooms. The bed works for both of us. Like Goldilocks! Not too soft for him and not too hard for me.

  4. peacefull s.

    wow I waited for over an year to write a review. This mattress has changed my life from a very painful nite to a peacefull sleep all through the nite without pain. I am so pleased with everything about this mattress from the delivery right to my door, to no oder from materials to the sheer comfort of the mattress, now I’m going to purchase a second one thank you so much for this mattress

  5. Ashbey C.

    I didn’t think I would like it at first since I felt it may have been too soft as I first sat on it. But lying down and sleeping on it is another thing, and it’s amazing. And unexpectedly, my chronic shoulder pain has significantly lessened, and on the days following my off days from working out, it would be nonexistent in the morning. Who knew a mattress would make such a big difference!

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