Cozzia CZ-357


Pain Relief

When creating our wellness seating we learned that many factors affect body pain. Not only does the Cozzia CZ-357 massage the user, it helps to revitalize and restore our consumer’s health. One of the biggest sources of body pain stems from a person’s back. Luckily, the massage function that is featured in every Cozzia chair reduces muscle tension and stiffness.

Preventive Measures

Cozzia wants to help you move easier, stand taller, and live longer. Massage relaxes and loosens the muscles and joints, resulting in greater freedom and flexibility, and less pressure. With this, you are able to position your body in a healthy posture. Massage strengthens the immune system – massage increases your body’s natural pain killer cells and helps to fight against disease.

Live Healthier

Cozzia wants to help you to live a healthier life. The massage mechanisms in our chairs manipulate muscles, which increases blood flow; increasing blood flow accelerates circulation in the body. Constant massage also can lower blood pressure and improve heart health. Heat therapy located in our chairs reduces the sensation of pain and increases circulation to your injured areas. Furthermore, the components that many of our chairs have including: massage, heat therapy, Chromotherapy lighting, and music, help to stimulate your senses.


Cozzia CZ-357 Colors

Zero Gravity Recliner

This neutral position relieves body pressure.

Cozzia CZ-357 Zero Gravity

Full body air compression

This chair has airbags that inflate and squeeze various parts of your body. This can help to increase circulation and release tension in your muscles.

Cozzia CZ-357 Arm Massage

Foot & Calf Massage

Did you know that the reflex zones located in the soles of your feet can affect your entire body? We have included rollers in the footrest of this chair to massage the undersides of your feet and to benefit your body as a whole.

Cozzia CZ-357 Calf Massage

Technology Specifications

More information and full review of the Cozzia CZ-357 massage chair can be found here.

Cozzia CZ-357 massage chair      Cozzia CZ-357 massage chair

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