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Serta Arctic Premier Plush Hybrid 14.5 Inch Mattress



Mattress Feature


Adjustable Base

A perfect fit for any of our wide selection of adjustable bed bases.


Motion Seperation

Your mattresses ability to absorb motion when you toss and turn.


Cooling Technology

Components and materials that help provide a cool and comfortable nights' sleep.


Breathable Surface

Enhanced airflow throughout the mattress to keep you cooler.


Environment Friendly

Made without harmful chemicals, emissions, or elements.

Back & Neck

Back & Neck Support

Your mattresses ability to stabilize and distribute weight to help maintain natural spine alignment.

Details and Specs

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Serta Arctic Premier Plush Hybrid 14.5 Inch Mattress

  1. KitM04

    The Serta Arctic Premier Hybrid mattress is the perfect combination of all-night cooling and individualized support. Powered by Serta?s exclusive Reactex technology, a unique three-part cooling system that pulls heat away from your body and deep into the mattress, so you sleep cool all night long. Underneath layers of premium memory foam, a layer of 2000 individual micro coils, and an advanced coil system work together to gently embrace and support every curve of your body. Hands down one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while!! All the added excellent features to this mattress,is STATE OF THE ART!! A very nice gift to your health. It will sit on a platform bed, my sleigh bed holds it nicely!!

  2. Pat51

    This mattress is all it said it would do for you. Great body support. It?s firm and at the same time it provides all around comfort. It has a plush feel and good quality. This is a good investment for a mattress to last me for more than five years

  3. Angy23

    My newArctic Premier Hybrid mattress is like sleeping on a cloud with perfect support and comfort.

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