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Positive Posture Sōl Massage Chair

It’s vital to think about the benefits of each investment we make, whether it be of our time, money, or energy since we work hard to enhance the lives of ourselves and our loved ones.  People sometimes forget how to relax or focus on themselves because of their fast-paced lives and hectic job environments. While there is a lot of discussion and conjecture regarding the health advantages of massage chairs, one thing is certain: it feels great! However, studies have shown that massage offers incredible health advantages. It’s a safe, practical method of naturally reducing stress and discomfort at home. Today we will focusing on the Positive Posture Sol Massage Chair!

The Positive Posture Sol is for you if you’re seeking a smaller massage chair that still gives an excellent massage at a reasonable price. With its L-Track rollers, air compression, IR heat treatment, and calf massage, the Sol offers an incredibly pleasant massage experience while being tiny enough to fit practically anyplace. To increase energy and enhance circulation, the patented Comfort Wave action employs traditional Chinese side-to-side massage. The Sol offers both manual and a number of automated routines. You will never again have to be concerned about a dead battery thanks to a handy USB charger. Complete comfort at a reasonable cost. The Sol is appropriate for users up to 200 pounds and 5′ – 6’2″ in height.

Quick Overview of Positive Posture and The Sol Massage Chair

Postive Posture LLC was created in 2012 and its headquarters is located in Boulder Colorado. They create, produce, and distribute goods that improve the health and happiness of its clients. They sell beds, office and massage chairs, recliners, and accessories.  Their collections have a few different options when it comes to massage chairs including the Sol, Brio, and Brio+.  Positive Posture also collaborates with internationally renowned ergonomists, wellness specialists, and award-winning designers to produce impeccably crafted furniture. They pride themselves on the amount of research that they put into all of their products. They even stated that “Every recliner, chair and sleep system we make is the product of years of research, testing and refinement.”

Air Massage

The Positive Posture Sōl features 10 airbags strategically located in the shoulders, seat, arms, and calves. The airbags gently squeeze the body promoting bloodflow and enhancing the overall experience.

Heat Therapy

Deep, relaxing, infrared heat therapy warms the lower back region of the Positive Posture Sōl. Infrared Heat helps to increase blood flow and providing soothing relief where you need it most.

Zero Gravity Recline

With a push of a button, the seat back of the Positive Posture Sōl reclines to True Zero Gravity® elevating your legs to heart level while gently reclining. This position is considered the “healthiest way to sit” and alleviates all pressure from the spine. Zero Gravity is typically not possible in most compact chairs.

User-Friendly Remote

The easy-to-use controls offer customized massage and seating settings.

USB Charging Station

The Positive Posture Sol has a USB charging port which offers convenient access to a battery recharge… for both your device and body at the same time!

Benefits Of Using The Positive Posture Sol Massage Chair

Smaller and Sleek Design –

Forget about massage chairs that are large and complicated-looking. This one defies the concept of what a regular massage chair looks like. Positive Posture guarantees that every home will benefit from the design and comfort that this massage chair brings. This massage chair will look great in any type of home environment thanks to its exquisite design and smooth curves. The Sol doesn’t appear scary as other chairs do. It seems more like a cozy nest where you could just unwind thanks to its pod-like form. Of course, you benefit from more than just its good looks.

Convenience and Comfort

Who wants to spend time struggling to understand how to use a massage chair?
This massage chair is ideal if you want something that effortlessly fulfills all of your massaging needs. You can rapidly adjust the massage and sitting settings using the controls, which are simple to use. The Sol also has a USB connector so you can easily charge your electronic gadgets, which may help you unwind not only your body but also your mind. While your body is being recharged, recharge your smartphone.

Full-service therapeutic massage

The Sol Massage Chair’s L-track massage intelligently follows the natural curvature of your body to massage your neck, shoulders, low back, glutes, and hamstrings. This Positive Posture massage chair is equipped with air cells in the connected leg rest to gently knead and release tight calves, as well as to give stress reduction for the lower body, to ensure that your legs and hips receive the same amount of care and attention.
Additionally, you will receive the standard kneading, tapping, and rolling that you would often receive from other chairs when using this massage chair.


The peace and relaxation of your body shouldn’t break the bank. The affordable path to a healthy, stress-free mind and body can be yours thanks to this magnificent chair. You can be certain that you will be able to benefit from this massage chair’s therapeutic qualities for a long time thanks to its 3-year manufacturer guarantee. Also, a 60-day return period is included.

Positive Posture Sol Massage Chair

Final Thoughts

The Positive Posture Sol Massage should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a smaller chair that can massage your entire body at an affordable price. Your massage can be specially tailored to meet your needs if you have a particular condition. Its small and sleel design also makes it a terrific option for fun and relaxation as a general chair. They have contemporary designs that would look great in any house and serve as terrific conversation starters. If you want to discover everything there is to know about Positive Posture, reach out to us here at Sleep City. You may either come into our stores or browse the selection at . Did you like our review of the Positive Posture massage chair?

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