Posh+Lavish Foam Mattresses, are they worth it?

Posh+Lavish, an In-depth look...

Posh + Lavish has established itself as a one-of-a-kind high-end solution in a sector flooded with low-cost and knockoff options. Rather than focusing on convenience and affordability, it has focused in the development of luxury mattresses. These are made from natural materials that are exclusively available in physical stores. They have created a reputation for honesty by combining this with an unrivaled commitment to philanthropy.

In this article will assist you in determining whether a latex Posh+Lavish mattress is best for you and why that might be the case. We’ll examine how their mattresses function, showing the main differences between them and other brands. We hope that this will help narrow down your search for getting the best nights sleep possible. 

The Backstory Behind Posh+Lavish

Much of the mattress retail industry concentrated around a very small section of the market for a long time. Focusing on the three majors and around the $1,000 price range allowed retailers of all kinds to compete. This meant a lot of new revenue came from replicating existing product technology and component types. When Posh + Lavish premiered in 2015, the status quo was still in place. Kurt Ling and Steve Baumberger, co-founders of the company, had plenty of experience with this reality after nearly two decades in the mattress industry. Instead of following the crowd to develop new entry-level and online-only options, as many other brands did, Posh + Lavish began paving its own path. Today, the company offers five unique mattress collections, all of which are built by hand in California. The Pocket Spring Latex Hybrid, the Latex+Memory Foam, the AuNaturale, the CustomSides, and the All-Latex.

All-Latex Mattress Breakdown

What in the world is latex? Rubber tree sap is used to make natural latex. The sap is baked into layers of soft latex that can be utilized in mattresses, sofas, and other soft furnishings. There are no fillers in natural latex, such as clay. It also excludes polyurethane and other synthetic or man-made materials. 

Mattresses made entirely of latex are hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. This combination is also antibacterial, anti fungal, and mold and mildew resistant. Another good thing about latex is that it is naturally fire resistant. Other types of mattresses have a variety of chemicals added to them during the manufacturing process to improve their fire resistance. Many of these substances have been linked to cancer, immunotoxicity, and reproductive toxicity, among other things. Because latex has an inherent resistance to fire, producers can apply significantly less, if any, hazardous flame retardants.

What Does that do for my Sleep?

A latex mattress molds to your body, providing buoyant support that responds to your movements. It also maintains its shape during the night and over the mattress’s extended lifespan. When you sleep on a latex mattress, you will always experience cushioned support and relaxing pressure alleviation. You also never sink too far into the mattress, ensuring that sufficient support is always maintained. Having to fight the mattress to sit up when you get out of bed can be a pain, this isn’t the case with latex mattresses. You are easily able to change positions more readily throughout the night as well.


One of the biggest advantages of latex mattresses is how durable and long-lasting they are. Due to the latex they keep their support for 20 years or more, which means you can sleep on the mattress for two decades and not notice any changes in its shape or support. They are a remarkably easy and effective mattress type for those with back or sports problems, as its progressive support is excellent for pressure spots. Luckily it doesn’t require heat to form and can be turned over fast, unlike memory foam. Latex allows you sleep soundly and cool every night, which helps you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated each morning.

Is The Quality Justified?

Here at SleepCity we have gone ahead and selected only the best all-latex mattresses that Posh+Lavish has to offer. That being said, they do tend to run a bit more expensive than other brands, but this is for good reason. Their luxurious mattresses are handcrafted in California by expert artisans utilizing only the highest quality materials. Each part of a Posh+Lavish mattress is made to provide a luxurious tactile experience. The hallmarks of this ultra-premium line are exquisite comfort and long-lasting performance. The thing to keep in mind when buying a Posh+Lavish mattress is that these are high end mattresses. Every little detail is looked at and accounted for when it’s being produced. If you are a picky shopper who values craftsmanship and actual quality that you can see and feel that these mattresses will be perfect for you. Check out our selection of Posh+Lavish mattresses just click HERE.


While other brands may offer similar features in their all-foam mattresses, no one else has the outstanding reputation and quality that comes with buying a new mattress from Posh+Lavish. Because they also give a percentage of all of their profits as a donation to charity, you are not only getting an amazing nights sleep, but helping others at the same time. They have partnered with Neuro Kids, a non-profit organization who’s mission is to make the best care available to all children with treatable neurological disorders in underserved areas around the world. In conclusion if you are looking for an American made and designed, high quality all-foam mattress, then our selection of Posh+Lavish mattresses is exactly what you’re looking for.

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