Personal Comfort vs Sleep Number

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Personal Comfort Vs Sleep Number
Personal Comfort vs Sleep Number

Most people would love to be able to personalize their sleeping experience to their needs. When searching for a new mattress, it can be hard to slim down your choices among the various options available. This can lead to some of your top selections can be easily forgotten or disregarded. Even if the bed is made by a well known brand , this can be especially true of more specialized beds.

Personal Comfort and Sleep Number are two companies dedicated to giving you adjustable rest with dual control options. Despite the fact that both brands have a large, devoted following, they have two different and distinct approaches to comfort. Even though they for the most part they share design similarities.

Personal Comfort Beds vs. Sleep Number Beds

Personal Comfort and Sleep Number both have multiple choices for adjustable beds. However, Sleep Number’s beds are all equipped with their patented SleepIQ Smart Tracking Sleep Technology. Personal Comfort also has a line of Smart Beds, which is the version that will be compared in this article. Both companies have regular sales and clearances, so the price isn’t too high when in comparison to what you’d expect. The price listed is for a queen standard bed without split tops or bases.

Personal Comfort Smart Bed Breakdown

Founded in 1972, Personal Comfort Originally made waterbeds, but by the late 1980s had evolved and adapted to adjustable air mattress designs. Technically the first ‘Number Bed’ of its kind, the change in air chamber adjustments allowed the sleeper to set their own personal comfort level. At the time this was very pioneering. This mattress ran hand in hand with the Sleep Number system, which was currently developing a similar design that hit the market in the late 80s.

Personal Comfort Beds are now fully adjustable and feature a dual control design for a truly personalized night’s sleep. The integrated technology in their Smart Bed options is intended to provide you with insight into your own sleep patterns as well as tracking for further customization. If you would prefer to see a video that compares the 2 click HERE.

Personal Comfort vs Sleep Number

When comparing similar options, the construction of the bed is an important factor to consider. Personal Comfort and Sleep Number beds both use a layered construction technique to provide initial comfort. This, in addition to their various patented air chamber adjustment supports, are found within each mattress. They each have some distinct differences, which are worth noting for your own individual preferences.

The A10 comes with a 3 inch reversible cover that has a cooling, quilted material surface on one side. The other contains a comfy, quilted, breathable bamboo layer. Depending on your needs or the season, this can be unzipped and reversed. A 3 inch gel-infused memory foam layer provides the initial shape, as well as a material capable of drawing warmth from your body via physics of conduction. (when a warmer surface touches a cooler one it will lose heat until an equilibrium is reached).

Comfort Layers

A 2-inch memory foam layer and a 1-inch supportive foam layer work together to disperse your weight and provide a supportive, yet comfortable surface. These layers also allow heat and air to circulate more freely in conjunction with the gel layer to improve mattress breathability. You can also interchange these layers for the gel layer and arrange them differently for different comfort effects. All of these layers are also divided to provide more dual control.

Air Chamber

The 6-inch air chamber can be personalized for each side of the bed using a touchscreen remote or wireless app. This offers you 45 different pressure settings. It utilizes a pump system that only activates when you want to make adjustments to find the ideal firmness level for you. For proper air displacement, the air chambers are baffled and covered with an antimicrobial vulcanized rubber.

Personal Comfort vs Sleep Number

Warranty and Trial Period

To help you find the perfect mattress there is a sleep trial, just like with Personal Comfort beds, this will allow you to determine if you actually appreciate your new investment. Sleep Number offers a 100-day trial period as well as free shipping both ways. They also have a warranty with a full 2-year coverage and a prorated warranty that is based on when the product was purchased.

Which is Best?

Of course, the best option for you will be determined by your personal requirements and preferences, as well as your ability to weigh the benefits and features for your specific needs. We feel that Personal Comfort gives you the most value and comfort for your money but encourage you to visit a local SleepCity location and try it out!

Personal Comfort Vs Sleep Number      Personal Comfort Vs Sleep Number