Panel Bed vs Platform Bed: Which Is Right For You

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When it comes time to pick a new mattress most people’s first questions are how big or what material it should be. One big factor that tends to get ignored is if they should have a panel bed or platform bed. The foundation of a bed plays a very important role in not only your comfort level  but also how you feel getting in and out of bed. Some designs and features can match your lifestyle or specific needs better then others. So you may now be asking yourself the question, what is the difference between a platform and panel bed? 

The biggest and most defining difference between the two is that panel beds require the use of a box spring/foundation while platform beds are designed as one solid surface to support your mattress alone. On average people in America spend about 1/3 of their life sleeping. Here at Sleep City we are committed to helping you get the best sleep possible. We believe that it is important that your bed has everything you need and more. Throughout this article we are going to go into detail on the Panel Bed vs Platform Bed. Also which one may be best for you!

What Is A Platform Bed

The platform bed is a very unique and often more contemporary style . This type of bed has actually been used in different forms throughout history. A platform bed will feature a large and sturdy base that does not require a box spring or any other kind of mattress foundation. This is because the platform has enough structure to support the mattress properly by itself. It may be useful to note that even though it doesn’t require one, box spring or foundations can be used with a platform bed if you wish. Sleek and Simple these beds typically come with head and footboards or may be stand-alone for a more minimalistic look.  They are typically constructed of wood or metal.


  • May Have Under Bed Storage
  • Can Contain Cubbies or Drawers 
  • No Box Spring Or Foundation needed


  • Typically bigger and bulkier
  • Some can sit low to the ground


The extra lift that the platform provides allows for customization of the space under the bed. Some have filled this space with built-in bookcases, misc cubby holes for storage, dresser drawers for extra clothing space, and some even put an extra tundral bed under to allow others to easily sleep in the room. The biggest and only real drawback to this kind of bed is the fact it will be heavy and hard to maneuver. This should be taken into consideration if you have limited space in your bedroom or really like redirecting often. We warn against any type of plywood foundation as they can weaken easily overtime. 


If they don’t have a storage compartment below them, these frames frequently sit low to the ground. Getting out of bed after a comfortable night’s sleep may involve more work for certain people than getting out of a panel bed. This might pose complications for persons who have knee or back problems. This is a major factor for those with movement limitations. Certain platform design beds, on the other hand, do sit higher off the ground. If they are out of your price range, you may acquire  bed risers that attach to the feet of your bed. They have the ability to lift the frame by many inches.


The price of each bed type varies depending on the material, size, and quality. There are many of models of platform beds that will meet any budget. A nice platform design bed is difficult to put a figure on. The reason for this is that the range is so broad. You may buy one for a few hundred dollars or thousands of dollars. It all comes down to your own budget and how long you want to keep it. Fortunately, unlike a panel bed, you do not need to acquire any additional equipment to make it perform properly.

What Is A Panel Bed

These frames are fairly traditional looking and lack the bells and whistles that the platform bed has. They do, however, provide a wider range of head and footboard designs. Solid wood, cushioned, slats, metal rods, wicker, and even rough-hewn logs are all options. These are some possibilities for giving your bedroom a fresh new look.

While some modern panel beds may not have side rails, footboards, or headboards, most classic panel beds do. A panel bed is the perfect option if you appreciate the appearance and feel of a “traditional” bed.

Their traditional design suits bigger areas while also providing extra benefits such as increased breathability, height increase, decorative elements, and the compatibility of mattress foundations. 



  • Fram Styles Are Afforadable
  • Alot Of Difference Options Choices
  • Tradition Looking Beds


  • Require a Box Spring
  • Additional Costs for Rails and Frames 
  • Typically No Space Under the Bed


A box spring is required for the panel beds. The frame might be composed of slats, three metal bars, or one metal bar in the centre encircled by a ledge all around it. This ledge secures the supporting box. The mattress is placed on top of the box spring. This is your primary source of assistance. Unfortunately, this sort of support system sags with time and must be maintained. Some can be flipped, whereas others, especially if they are only one sided, cannot.


Panel beds are much taller than other types. This is due to the presence of a box spring. If you require a lower profile bed to get in and out of, this is not the bed for you. The box spring adds several inches to your height. If you have a 10-inch box support and a 12-inch mattress, you are sitting 22 inches off the frame. Then there’s the gap between the frame and the floor. You may buy a frame that rests lower to the ground and the box spring sits inside of it, but this makes maintenance more difficult.


This will fall under the same cetgory as the platform bed. The price range varies so widely that we can’t put a specific price tag to it. However in general there are additional costs to the panel because of the additional costs of the boxspring and extras that are typically purchased alongside the panel bed. At the end of the day, once you have purchased all the additional accessories the prices between the two types will be comparable. 

Which Is More Supportive: Panel Bed vs Platform Bed ::

Panel beds are intended to support a mattress plus a mattress foundation, whereas platform beds are intended to replace a mattress foundation (so that you can place a mattress directly on a platform bed). As a result, a panel bed will not support a mattress as completely as a platform bed will, and placing a mattress directly on a panel bed without any extra support is not recommended. A bed with fewer than four bed slats (slats = the horizontal planks connecting the bed’s sides – where the mattress goes) requires a box spring or foundation; a bed with five or more bed slats does not require a box spring or foundation. Panel beds come into the first type, whereas platform beds fall into the second.

Can you use a regular mattress on a platform bed?

Yes, you may put almost any type of mattress on a platform bed, including memory foam, innerspring mattresses, hybrids, gel-infused foam mattresses, polyfoam mattresses, and latex mattresses. A platform bed, as previously stated, does not require an extra mattress base or box spring.

Which One Is Better For Me: Panel Bed vs Platform Bed :

Panel beds are an excellent choice for individuals who live in hotter areas since they enable greater ventilation and allow the mattress to breathe. Panel beds are usually taller than platform beds, making them suitable for persons who have difficulties getting in and out of bed, such as elders or tiny children.

The platform bed type, on the other hand, is your best pick if you want something sleek, basic, and minimalist. It is not only durable and solid, but it also has fewer pieces and things to be stored beneath the bed.

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