Osaki 4d Massage Chair – Pro Ekon Plus -Review & Guide

Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair

Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair
Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair

Welcome to our Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair review! In In the late 1980s, the first massage chairs were made available to the general public. The massage chair was designed to mimic the movements and methods used by a real therapist in order to reduce stress, tension, and back discomfort.

While interest in massage chairs was first hesitant to grow, it did so after about ten years, which encouraged manufacturers to develop the best models possible.

How frequently do you give yourself a break after a busy workweek? We’re still learning more about the connection between the mind and body. We now know that many mental and emotional illnesses have physical causes as well.


 For instance, despite the fact that the exact mechanism is still unknown, there is growing evidence that high cortisol levels may be linked to mental diseases. By assisting in stress reduction and reestablishing the body’s homeostasis, massage may minimize mood swings as well as the symptoms of worry and melancholy.

We’ll talk about the positives and drawbacks of buying the Titan 4D Fleetwood LE Massage Chair today. We at SleepCity took the time to thoroughly research each massage chair now available on the market, and we hope that this article will assist you in determining whether or not it is the best option for you, your home, and your family. As always, if you have any questions that our sleep experts can help you with, feel free to contact our chat in the bottom right corner.

Quick Overview of the company behind the Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus

Osaki was created in 2007 and became one of the major distributors of electric massage chairs, handheld massagers, and back treatment items in the United States. They have produced over 40 different models through their ongoing research and development.  Osaki makes it their number one priority to help relax your body, so you can enjoy a more active lifestyle.  Striving to provide the best service in the industry while being completely honest and providing accurate information about their products. They provide some of the highest-quality and most affordable massage chairs on the market today. Because of its capabilities and ease of use, its popularity has surged in recent years.

Benefits Of Using Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus

Your body deserves some indulgent pampering every now and again. Naturally, you could visit a massage parlor for a massage, but it can be impractical based on location . Not to mention that finding the time, money, and opportunity to have a therapist perform massages frequently wouldn’t always be possible. You’d be best served to think about purchasing an at-home massage chair due to the restrictions on booking into a massage treatment room and the high expense of massages.

You will get your money’s worth from regular massage appointments, whatever of the two you choose. A comfortable at-home massage is the ideal approach to care for your body when you’re physically or emotionally stressed.

Reduce Headaches/Migraines –

Despite the enormous number of people who experience them, migraines are arguably the medical condition that is currently the least understood. But there are a few recognized factors, including fatigue, hormonal changes, abrupt mood swings, unusual sleeping patterns, etc. Nearly all of these triggers are known to be treated by massages. which can considerably lessen the likelihood that a migraine will arise. Regular massage chair sessions will make you feel as though your muscles and nerves are in good condition. Much fewer headaches or migraine attacks occur.

Relief of Pain and Aches –

Common body pains, headaches, and persistent neck, back, and shoulder discomfort can all be relieved by massage chairs. According to studies, regular massage treatments cause cortisol levels to drop and serotonin levels to rise by an average of 28%. The Mayo Clinic study found that the body is better equipped to control pain when serotonin levels are raised and cortisol levels are down.

Studies also show that some chronic pain was greatly decreased or eliminated by using massage chairs. An elderly population plagued by chronic pain has a cheap alternative to pricey physical therapies in the form of massage chairs.

Posture Correction-

People make an effort to improve their posture by walking straight or doing yoga. It is frequently forgotten that receiving a massage also aids in improving posture. Your muscles will be mobilized and made more flexible through massage, which will also assist you keep your balance.

The form of the chair forces the backbone to align itself in its normal position. The movements used in massage therapy also aid in additional muscle relaxation, slowly reversing the accumulated harm. Eventually, with time and therapy, massage can progressively help muscles loosen up. supporting the alignment of your spine and posture.

Relief from Stress –

The bulk of people’s lives are now completely consumed by the stress of work and a fast-paced lifestyle. Few people can properly handle the stress. As a result, people are increasingly susceptible to heart conditions, panic attacks, and long-term despair. The utilization of numerous approaches and features by massage chairs to help enhance neurotransmitters makes them advantageous. It is generally known that these neurotransmitters can combat both mental and emotional stress. making you a lot happy as a result. You may feel renewed and reenergized after receiving a massage every night. After that, fall asleep naturally without using a sleeping drug.

Features Of The Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus

L-Track and S-Track Technology

The Osaki OS-4D Ekon Plus massage chair combines both the S and L track technology for an exceptional massage experience. It provides an even more extensive range of motion for the rollers to reach. The S-Track rollers will contour the natural curvature of your spine. The L-Track extends from your neck, all the way down past your lower back, and finally wrapping underneath the back of your thighs.

4D Massage

The Pro Ekon Plus quad rollers have 4D technology, which is the latest in robotic massage engineering and gives you complete control over your massage experience. The advanced 4D mechanism provides five different levels of depth, six speeds, and three width ranges.

Body Scan Technology


The OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus will conduct a body scan and map the neck and back critical areas to ensure a consistent amount of pressure is applied during the massage. The scanning technology will also detect your shoulder’s height, which can be re-calibrated once the scan is complete.

Zero Gravity Recline

Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair

Inspired by NASA technology, the Zero Gravity position is the perfect position for ultimate relaxation. When placed in the Zero Gravity position, your back is supported by the backrest. This helps to maximize the intensity of the massage and reduces the compression along your spine.

Reflexology Foot Massage

Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair

he Ekon Plus offers three rollers under your feet that provide an all-direction pressure massage for the reflex zone. The rollers under the feet will travel along the sides and middle of your feet to provide a more hands-on kneading experience.

Calf Massage

Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair

Behind the calves are rollers that provide a kneading massage. The airbags in the footrest offer a compression massage while they rotate, helping to increase blood flow to the legs.

Full Body Compression Massage

There are multiple airbags located throughout the massage chair to offer a full-body massage experience. Airbags are located at the shoulders, arms, waist and pelvis, and calf areas. This compression massage helps to continue increasing blood circulation throughout the body to relieve pain and tension. Choose from 5 levels of compression intensity.

Automatic Programs

Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair

The Ekon Plus has 12 expertly designed automatic programs that will massage all your aches and pains: Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Power Yoga, Royal Treatment, Stress Relief, Neck & Shoulder, Gentle Care, Back & Spine, Waist & Hip, Morning Buzz, Refreshing Nap, and Sweet Dreams. The Ekon utilizes Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu, Sync, and 4D Shiatsu massage techniques.

Heat Therapy

Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-4D Ekon Plus massage chair has heating pads located in the Lumbar area. It offers three heating adjustment levels, which is an excellent complement to the roller and airbag massage. Heating the body’s temperature is known to increase blood circulation and loosen tense muscles.

Auto Leg Scan

Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair

The footrest can extend automatically to customize your leg length. You may also use the quick controller rotary switch to adjust the footrest according to your needs. The footrest can extend by 17cm automatically for various users of different height ranges.

Space Saving Technology

Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus only needs 3” from the backrest to the wall, saving space in any room.

Bluetooth Speakers

Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-4D Ekon Plus is equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows you to listen to your favorite music and phone calls on high-quality speakers located in the headrest.

Wireless Charging

Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair

Charging any phone that is equipped with wireless charging on the charging pad. A USB Port is also available for charging any device.

Quick Controls

Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair

On the side of the arm of the Fleetwood, quickly control the recline, heat, timer, programs, and more without having to touch the remote control.

How Often Should I Use My Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair

Massage helps the body release toxins, and it is strongly advised to flush those toxins out of your system by stretching extensively and drinking plenty of water after your massage.

For best relief from lower back, neck, or shoulder pain, utilize your massage chair three to four times each week. One to three times a week should be ok if you use the chair to unwind or relieve stress. If you think your mental state is being affected by stress, you might just relax with a simple, quick massage.

To keep oneself on schedule and prevent abusing your massage chair, use the built-in timers.

Additionally, you should always visit your doctor if you’re thinking about using a massage chair for back discomfort, other muscular pain, or a particular muscle condition. This is especially important for those who are expecting, have ongoing health issues, or have recently sustained an injury.

If you have any pre-existing conditions, such as heart troubles, low blood pressure, or problems with blood clotting, you should let your massage therapist know because those conditions and more can be impacted by massage therapy. In your particular circumstance, your doctor will determine how to use a chair most effectively.

Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with the Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair if you want a massage chair that is well worth the money. It boasts extensive coverage, cutting-edge technologies, and even lets you tailor the treatment to your tastes. Numerous programs focusing on your various needs are also available with this massage chair. Check out some of the great deals Sleep City has below!

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