MLILY WellFlex 2.0 – Review and Guide

Thinking About a Mlily Mattress?

Brief History Of The Mlily Mattress Company

Hello, and thank you for visiting Sleep City’s evaluation of the MLILY WellFlex 2.0 mattress. As we begin each of our assesments, we always give a brief overview of the mattress’s manufacturer. We believe that understanding a brand’s business processes can reveal just as much about a product as a thorough descriptive list (that we will get to later). Many people are already familiar with MLILY as they have approximately 20 years of experience in the mattress industry. This may not have been as long as some other businesses, but they have quickly ascended to the top of the list of mattress manufacturers. They are happy to operate in the United States and have spent a lot of time and money building a substantial community.

A Company That Cares About Community

Anyone in the market for a new mattress has likely seen one of the many options provided by MLILY.  However, most people may not know that they love to give back to different communities and organizations. MLILY actively donates money and mattresses to Special Spaces, a non-profit organization that creates dream bedroom makeovers for cancer-stricken children ages 2-19.

MLILY’s founder, James Ni, has always believed that foam provides a better sleep experience and envisions one day completely changing how people sleep. After developing technology that made foam cutting precise, Ni  expanded into producing foam for both mattresses and pillows . All MLILY goods are manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities all around the country to offer their customers US made goods of excellent quality.

MLILY WellFlex 2.o – Why Choose A Mlily Mattress?

In brief, over the past 20 years, they have been dedicated to using technology and innovative products to advance the industry. Even going as far as securing patents for a several innovative processes and goods.

The long answer is: The average adult requires seven to nine hours of sleep per night and  children and teenagers need even more sleep. Health issues, work commitments, daily stressors, noisy environments, and several other factors can all make this sleep target difficult to achieve. Everyone can benefit from a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle choices to make sure they get enough sleep, but for some people, chronic insomnia may be the first indication of a sleep disorder.

When you experience these problems, the first thing to examine is your sleep surface. Recent studies show getting enough sleep can improve both heart health and memory. It can also reduce weight gain, and boost your immune system. Since MLILY Mattress recognizes how crucial getting a good night’s sleep is to your health, they work hard to produce high-quality products. MLILY employs a range of supplies, some of which are extremely high-tech, including the CBD-infused fabric and bamboo charcoal cushions that are available from a number of merchants. They employ CertiPUR-US compliant foam manufacturing techniques and their textiles that have received Oeko-Tex certification to prevent off-gassing of harmful chemicals.

Side Sleepers

The medium firmness of this mattress should be ideal for side sleepers as it allows plenty of contour to the natural curve of the body and helps keep the spine aligned.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers may experience some sinking on the heavier portions of the body .

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers will find the medium firmness helps keep their spine in a neutral alignment. It provides a nice balance of support and pressure relief, but heavier stomach sleepers may want more support.

MLILY WellFlex 2.0 – Benefits Breakdown


The WellFlex 2.0 is all about comfort. The layers of the mattress are designed for increased airflow and even have layers infused with a cooling gel to provide a more pleasant sleep experience.


Movement / Motion Dampening

Because of their bounce, many classic spring mattresses function poorly. This mattress is designed to absorb motion, letting you and your spouse to sleep peacefully.

Pain Relief

The multiple foam layers help distribute and stabilize weight to provide natural spine alignment in the neck and back


MLILY WellFlex 2.0- Layer Breakdown

Layer One

is a Cooling Knit Fabric Cover. 

This cover not only breathes, but the air flow creates a cooling sensation keeping you comfortable while you sleep. This highly advanced fabric stays cool-to-the-touch due to its superior breathability and temperature regulating properties that move heat away from the body.

Layer Two

is Gel AeroFusion™ Memory Foam.

This memory foam is generously infused with a cooling gel. It keeps all of the positive properties of memory foam, like contouring and conforming to the sleeper, while mitigating temperature issues with the gel infusion.


Layer Three

is Gel Memory Foam.

This memory foam is generously infused with a cooling gel. It keeps all of the positive properties of memory foam, like contouring and conforming to the sleeper, while mitigating temperature issues with the gel infusion.

Layer Four

is AdaptiFoam. 

Engineered to be open cell for breathability while still having the rebound and support of latex while also being allergy-free.


Layer Five

is Flex Support Base Foam. 

Often used as part of the base support top layer to seal the individual pocket springs in our hybrid models. It is flexible and durable allowing the specialized layers above to shine.




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