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The King of Refreshing sleep.

I am going to paint a scenario for you: You wake up abruptly. Hot and drenched in sweat, you roll over to look at the time. It’s early in the morning. Finding it very uncomfortable to sleep again you lay awake in bed wasting valuable time that could be spent resting for your long day ahead.

If you keep running into this problem, I know your pains. Every morning I want to feel refreshed and ready for my day, but this isn’t always the case. If you’re a hot sleeper like myself then I think i have found the perfect mattress not only for me but for you as well. 

"Are Firm Mattresses Better?

So how will this fix our sleep?

MLILY has come up with the most ingenious solution to solve overheating while asleep, the Powercool bed. The time and energy spent designing this bed is astonishing, but is for good reason. MLILY decided to pack this bed with some new innovations that blow a lot of the other competition out of the water. They have designed a six layer hybrid Mattress. They attached fans to the beds adjustable base as a layer to keep you cool throughout the night. In this article we will go over the build of this mattress so you can fully understand how MLILY made an amazing bed that will have you feeling refreshed every morning.

Let's Break It Down

1. PowerCool Cooling Knit Fabric Cover

2. Ventilated AdaptiFoam

3. Ventilated Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam


4. Ventilated Flex Comfort Foam


5. Individually Pocketed Springs




6. Adjustable Base With Multiple Cooling Fans


What do they do?

1. PowerCool Cooling Knit Fabric Cover 

This cover, designed exclusively for the PowerCool, not only breathes, but also generates a cooling sensation, keeping you cool as you sleep. Due to its outstanding breathability and temperature regulating qualities that transport heat away from the body, this cutting-edge fabric stays cool to the touch.



2. Ventilated AdaptiFoam

While the majority of MLILY foams have natural breathability characteristics, this version of foam ventilation improves upon this. It’s more than just a pattern of holes cut into the foam. Because of the bigger additional channels, the micro-channels can now breathe horizontally instead of just vertically.




3. Ventilated Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam

By infusing charcoal in a layer of the matter it allows for enhance its durability and cleaning capacity. When implanted on any fabric, this sustainable material will do this  without having any detrimental effect on its qualities.



4. Ventilated Flex Comfort Foam

This ventilated foam layer is made up of a breathable polyurethane. This gives you maximum comfort that will help evenly disperse your weight across the entire mattress. 




5. Individually Pocketed Springs

Because MLILY makes its own springs, they can ensure that they are of the same high quality as the foams around them. The mattresses can be rolled and compacted for convenient shipping thanks to the uniquely designed pocketed coil system. Their pocketed coils are also unrivaled in their capacity to support and conform, allowing the sleeper to unwind and revitalize. The individual springs’ cloth outside wrapping enhances ventilation across the coils, keeping the sleeper cool.

6. Adjustable Base With Multiple Cooling Fans

Fans strategically placed throughout the PowerCool mattress push cool, fresh, filtered air up through layers of the most breathable foams we’ve ever manufactured. For a gentler or heavier airflow, fans can be adjusted separately at the head and foot. The base has a built-in timer, so it can begin cooling at any time.

How sleeping colder can help you

Insomnia Relief  

  • When the body’s temperature becomes too high, it can cause individuals to have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.  Staying cooler while you sleep, thus, can help you fall asleep more quickly and sleep without waking up in the middle of the night to maximize your body’s regeneration. 

Improved mood

  •  When the body heats up too much while sleeping, production of cortisol is increased.  Cortisol is a stress hormone that can cause depression if overproduced in the body. 

Metabolism Boost

  • Staying cool when you sleep can even help improve your metabolism.  It can increase the brown fat, or good fat, that helps the body to burn calories.  More brown fat can improve the body’s’ metabolic health, reduce the risk of diabetes and other metabolic diseases, and facilitate weight loss. 

Decreased Risk of Cancer

  • The body’s melatonin levels also increase when the body’s temperature is cooler during sleep.  An increase in the production of melatonin has been tied to a decreased risk of developing cancer.  This is because tumors are more likely to develop in blood with lower levels of melatonin, while higher levels of melatonin can actually inhibit the growth of tumors.  


Now with the PowerCool Bed by MLILY you will find yourself waking up from being to hot less and less. The six layers work together to give you a one of a kind sleep experience. Since its remote controlled you and change any aspect exactly to you liking. This allows for the perfect sleep experience every night. I’d also like to say that with the added benefits of sleeping cold, I would not only recommend this for people that sleep hot, but for everyone. If you would like to purchase a MLILY PowerCool Bed, find out pricing and see further information please click here.  

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