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Brief History Of The Malouf Mattress Company

The Malouf  Company is located in Logan, Utah, not far from Salt Lake City. They believe that putting people first is the first step toward better sleep. Seeking to put customers first by providing high-quality goods, efficiency, and excellent service; workers first by fostering a distinctive business culture, and families first. They have been in business for 18 Years and currently have over 15,000 retail partner locations in the US! Even recently became a Certified B Corporation meaning that as a company, they are concerned not only with revenue, but also with our corporate social responsibility for society, workers, the community, and the environment. Check out the amazing things the Malouf Foundation is doing

One thing that has truly set Malouf apart from other companies is the culture that they have created with its workers. One of their core beliefs states “We know that good business comes from good relationships, so we treat customers as friends and employees as family. We foster a culture of working hard, living healthy, eating great, having fun, and giving back.”. They have been ranked in the top 5 of Glassdoor’s ” Best places to work”. You can tell they are passionate about their craft and it shows with the quality products that they release. Sleep City is proud to carry a large line of Malouf Products!

Why Pick A Malouf Mattress?

Sleep is as crucial to a healthy, happy existence as eating a well-balanced food, exercising everyday, breathing fresh air, and maintaining relationships with loved ones. We recognize that restful sleep needs focus and purpose, and Malouf does as well. That is why Malouf creates bedroom goods that promote health, comfort, and well-being. We urge you to commit to purposeful sleep by exploring some of the genuinely great Malouf products offer. 
  • They offer a natural alternative to memory foam
  • Allow you to sleep elevated 
  • Promote undisturbed sleep 
  • Cooling technology on all of their products
  • Breathable mattress surface
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Soft, Medium, and Firm are just starting points
  • Multiple Layers of Support

They offer a natural alternative to memory foam.

Malouf’s Wellsville line developed a natural latex hybrid type that offers environmentally responsible comfort and support. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to memory foam, the Wellsville line is a terrific option.

Allow you to sleep Elevated

Are you a snorer or prefer to lay in different elevated positions? Improve your sleeping experience. Malouf mattresses are all intended to be used with an adjustable foundation for even greater sleep at the touch of a button. Perfect if your bed position needs to move around!

Promote undisturbed sleep

Motion separation mattresses are meant to keep one person’s movement from disturbing the other. This means you won’t wake up your sleeping mate every time you climb into or out of bed or change positions. Malouf’s Mattresses’ premium foams and pocketed steel coils reduce motion transfer, so you stay asleep—no matter how often your partner tosses and turns.

They offer cooling technology on all of their products!

Some people are inherently hotter in bed than others. A cooling mattress might be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a night of heated tossing and twisting for these sleepers. Their exclusive CoolSync foam is cooler than typical memory foam, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Breathable mattress surface.

A mattress’s breathability has a direct influence on several comfort, health, and performance concerns. What exactly is mattress breathability? It refers to how effectively the components of a mattress allow for air circulation, moisture transfer, and dryness. As you progress through natural sleep cycles, your body releases heat. Breathable materials and ventilated foams make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

Environmentally friendly.

The term “eco-friendly” is difficult to define precisely. It might imply various things to different individuals. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, eco-friendly implies producing the least amount of harm to the environment or being designed to have little or no negative impact on the environment. This is why Malouf Mattresses and products are made without harmful chemicals, emissions, or elements.

Soft, Medium, and Firm are just starting points!

Your mattress’ stiffness level will impact how pleasant your bed feels.

Some people require a soft mattress to cushion the sensitive portions of their body when sleeping. Others may require a firm mattress to support their spine. Finally, some sleepers choose a medium mattress to achieve a good balance between both beds. 

Malouf Mattress has many different firmness levels including three trademarked quality materials that provide tailored comfort. Choose CoolSync foam for softness, AeroFlex latex for a responsive, firm feel, or ActiveAir foam for a well-balanced cushion.

Multiple Layers of Support.

The mattress support layers, commonly known as the core, contain all of the layers beneath the quilting and comfort layers. They are essentially in charge of spinal alignment, which is one of the two primary tasks of any mattress. Get rid of waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Under the cover of every Malouf mattress is a comprehensive support system created with your body in mind.

Malouf Wellsville Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress


Other Great Malouf Products 

Malouf is an industry leader in furniture and bedding, offering a diverse range of innovative items such as furniture, mattresses, adjustable bed bases, pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, bed frames, and mattress toppers. Along with sibling brands Salt Flat and Weekender, Malouf is committed to quality, affordability, and service through a diverse product catalog that caters to a wide range of customers. Malouf goods are sold in over 15,000 retail partner locations in the United States, and the company’s worldwide workforce presently services 56 countries.

Malouf Adjustable Bed Frames

Different sleep patterns on the same bed. You and your companion may modify your postures independently using controls on each side. Sleep whatever you want: upright, flat, or together. With Their award-winning app, you can automate and customize your base. You’ll appreciate the automated Snore Detection, hands-free voice commands, and partner control that are only available on the Bluetooth®-enabled bases.


Weighted Blankets 

Weighted blankets may provide a natural mood boost, reduce tension and anxiety, promote deeper sleep, aid in sports recovery, and relieve Restless Leg Syndrome, according to research. The Anchor weighted blanket blends luxurious aesthetics with tried-and-true science to immerse you in sensations of comfort, stability, and safety.

Large Pillows Selections

Their unique foam combines the quick-response feel and excellent support of latex with the just-right cushion and contouring comfort of memory foam to produce a pillow that relieves stress as you sleep.

Malouf Mattress Protectors

Never again will you have to be concerned about spills and stains on your mattress. Malouf protectors’ Liquid-Proof Membrane is completely waterproof. It’s even been lab-certified and tested. Unlike many waterproof protectors, it’s also breathable and silent, so even the most restless sleepers won’t notice it’s there. So go ahead and spill.

Malouf Mattress Toppers

Meet the whole body cooling mattress topper. Activated carbon is used in their CarbonCool technology to transport heat out and away. As a mattress topper, you have comprehensive temperature control by providing cooling from head to toe. Better than your mattress. Even the firmest mattresses are transformed by our premium mattress toppers, which cushion and adapt to your body.


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