Malouf Adjustable Base – S755 Smart Bed Base Review & Guide

Malouf Adjustable Base

Malouf Adjustable Base
Malouf Adjustable Base

Welcome to our Malouf Adjustable Base – S755 Smart Bed Base Review & Guide! Your body strives to rejuvenate and repair itself as you sleep. Depending on how well it maintains the natural curve of your spine, your sleeping posture might either aid or impede this process. People frequently experience brand-new aches and pains when they first get out of bed, sometimes as a result of their sleeping posture.

We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping or otherwise relaxing, therefore it’s critical to select a sleeping position that will help your body heal physically. A good sleeping posture can reduce pressure on your spine, but an unhealthy one can worsen discomfort or stiffness in the shoulders, arms, or back while also resulting in less restful sleep.

Have you ever seen beds that can be moved by pressing a button? Simply push a button to stand up while watching television. Push a button to raise both your feet and your head simultaneously. Simply push a button if you want to remain up and read while your partner wants to go to bed. You may personalize your bed for the most comfort with an adjustable base.

For couples who prefer alternative sleeping arrangements, a split adjustable base option (often for a king or California king) is excellent. You can keep your side of the bed flat if you sleep on the side while your partner sleeps on the back with their head raised. These beds are perfect for injuries or special sleeping needs!

Who Is Malouf? Quick overview of the company behind the S755 adjustable base.

In all of our reviews, we like to give an overview of the company behind the product’s creation. We believe that learning more about the company can give a look into the quality of the products that they produce. Malouf is a company that makes it easy on us because of the length of things they are currently involved in. They believe that putting people first is the first step toward better sleep. Seeking to put customers first by providing high-quality goods, efficiency, and excellent service; workers first by fostering a distinctive business culture, and families first. They have been in business for 18 Years and currently have over 15,000 retail partner locations in the US! Check out the amazing things the Malouf Foundation is doing. One thing that has truly set Malouf apart from other companies is the culture that they have created with its workers. One of their core beliefs states “We know that good business comes from good relationships, so we treat customers as friends and employees as family. We foster a culture of working hard, living healthy, eating great, having fun, and giving back.”. They have been ranked in the top 5 of Glassdoor’s ” Best places to work”. You can tell they are passionate about their craft and it shows with the quality products that they release. Sleep City is proud to carry a large line of Malouf Products!

Why choose the Malouf adjustable base?

The S755 Adjustable Power Base from Malouf outperforms every other adjustable bed frame in their portfolio. You not only get all the things you would anticipate seeing in a power base, but you also get a ton more. This cutting-edge adjustable bed is designed to offer a completely new way to enjoy your bed in addition to changing settings. Discover all the features that make the Malouf S755 Adjustable Power Base a must-have by reading on.

Malouf Adjustable Base

Malouf Adjustable Base Features

  • 12 Dual-Zone Massage Options
  • Underbed LED Night Lights
  • Wall Hugging Reach Assist
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • 850-Pound Weight Capacity
  • USB Charging Ports
  • Built in Bluetooth Compatibility
  • Malouf Base App (Android and iOS)
  • 5 Preset Positions
  • 6 Programmable Positions

Bluetooth Capabilities:

This is the “smart” portion of this bed. It boasts Bluetooth connectivity, making it simple to connect to your tablet or smartphone. In this method, you may easily use an app to control your bed. You may configure various positions of your liking for your bed’s many functions using the Malouf app.

Even voice instructions can be established. This eliminates the need to unlock your phone or look for the remote to change your bed from one position to another using voice commands. There are few things easier than that.

Under Glow:

The S755 features a nightlight that glows under the bed. It softly illuminates the path leading to and from your bed. enabling you to get out of bed without much, if any, interference from your companion. It is a soft glow that just illuminates the areas where you need to view, not the entire space.

Preset or Custom Positions:

There are a total of 5 preset locations on the Malouf S755 that are often used and favored by many. This includes the well-known posture of no gravity. Additionally, you are given six places to occupy your own personal favorites. You may choose from a wide range of choices to program the best sleeping and relaxing positions for you.

Massage Zones:

This power foundation is elevated to a whole new level by the massage features. There are twelve dual-zone massage choices. There are four programs, three different levels of intensity, and three distinct time slots.

Your blood will continue to circulate with the help of this simple-to-use, fully customizable massage device, resulting in more pleasant sleep overall. You won’t have to worry about remembering to switch off your massage thanks to the programmed shutdown timings. Simply set the timer, relax, and take pleasure.



S755 Smart Adjustable Bed Base Construction

The S755 Adjustable Bed by Malouf not only allows for numerous foot and head positions. Additionally, it contains a second head rest that can be adjusted to provide additional neck and shoulder support. Anyone who wants to sit comfortably up in bed for reading, watch television, or just relaxing will appreciate this function.

The across-the-bed lumbar support is another addition to the S755's design. The lower back frequently need a little more support whether sitting or lying down for maximum comfort. This lumbar support accomplishes precisely that; you may change the amount of support to suit your preferences.

The attractive light grey upholstery provides the Malouf S755 a lovely polished appearance. Malouf employs the same Stone material in their collection of upscale bed frames and headboards. So, if you'd like a matching set, you can have a gorgeous headboard to go with your S755 power base.

Malouf Adjustable Base
Malouf Adjustable Base

Malouf Adjustable Base Technology

This is one of the most advanced technology beds that exist on the market. It includes everything that you will need! Bluetooth connection is included on the Malouf S755. Using an app on your phone, you can control your powerbase by connecting this to smart devices. Even setting up verbal commands makes shifting positions simpler than ever.

Do you prefer an approach that is more simple? You will like this bed's wireless remote if that is the case. Not only is it easy to use, but it also incorporates a motion sensor backlight so that when you move the remote throughout the night to alter something, it immediately illuminates.

Resident Serenity Sleep Bundle

E255 Adjustable Bed Base



The modern E255 adjustable base is an excellent intro option for elevated sleep. Featuring two-tone upholstery on a durable metal frame, the E255 is designed for seamless placement on foundations, platform bases, beds, or the ground. Try all three preset positions including: Zero Gravity, Anti Snore, and Flat. Includes backlit wireless remote control and a 10-year limited warranty.

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