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How Are Jamison Mattresses?

Jamison Paradise - Bronze

Brief History Of The Jamison Mattress Company

Jamison Bedding was established in 1883, and thanks to its dedication to quality, it has become one of the biggest and most well-known bedding producers in the country. The company’s focus is on comfort, and they have been producing high-quality bedding for more than 137 years. Unlike most other companies, Jamison is completely based in the USA from manufacturing to sales! We hope you enjoy our Jamison mattress reviews and it helps you decide if they are right for you!

 Solstice Sleep Products and Jamison joined in 2014 to form one of North America’s biggest mattress producers. To better serve you, they have kept growing their product offering, services, and manufacturing facilities. Their goods are created in the USA with domestic production and manufacturing facilities in Columbus, OH, Mt. Pocono, PA, Tampa FL, Hutchins (Dallas), TX, and Gallatin (Nashville), TN.

You might not know it but  you have most likely slept on a Jamison mattresses if you do any type of extended traveling.  A “home away from home” for millions of tourists, Jamison’s Resort Collection beds have been the preferred partner of many of the world’s greatest luxury resorts and hotels for more than 60 years. 

Why choose A Jamison Mattress?

Sleep is a vital function that lets your body and mind rest so that you can wake up feeling rejuvenated and aware. Healthy sleep is also important for keeping the body disease-free and healthy. The brain cannot function effectively without enough sleep. Your capacity to focus, think clearly, and process memories may all be hampered by not getting enough sleep.  We recognize that restful sleep needs should be a priority, and Jamison was founded on this concept. That is why Jamison creates bedroom goods that promote health, comfort, and well-being. We urge you to commit to purposeful sleep by exploring some of the genuinely great Jamison Products we offer. 
  • Made In the USA
  • Allow you to sleep elevated 
  • Reduced motion transfer to your partner
  • Cooling technology on all of their products
  • Breathable mattress surface
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Different mattresses for everyone
  • Multiple Layers of Support

Made In the USA

Jamison is proudly a USA company. With domestic production and manufacturing facilities in Columbus, OH., Mt Pocono, PA., Tampa FL., Hutchins (Dallas), TX., Gallatin (Nashville), TN, our products are proudly made in the USA.

Allow you to sleep Elevated

Are you a snorer or prefer to lay in different elevated positions? Improve your sleeping experience. Jamison mattresses are all intended to be used with an adjustable foundation for even greater sleep at the touch of a button. Perfect if your bed position needs to move around frequently!

Reduced motion transfer to your partner

Motion separation mattresses are designed to prevent movement from waking up the other person. This ensures that you won’t disturb your bed partner every time you get in or out of bed or switch positions. The premium foams and gel found in Jamison’s Mattresses lessen motion transfer, allowing you to sleep peacefully regardless of how frequently your spouse tosses and turns.

They offer cooling technology on all of their products!

In bed, some people naturally heat up more than others. For these sleepers, a cooling mattress could mean the difference between a restful night’s sleep and a night of feverish tossing and turning. You will stay cool and comfy all through the night thanks to their unique Cool Weave fabric, which is cooler than regular memory foam or traditional mattresses.

Breathable mattress surface.

The level of breathability of a mattress directly affects a number of comfort, health, and performance issues. What does “mattress breathability” mean exactly? It describes how well a mattress’s components promote airflow, moisture evaporation, and dryness. Your body produces heat as you proceed through natural sleep cycles. You will experience the sensation of sleeping on a cloud thanks to their high elasticity foam that provides superior pressure relief and airflow with graphite, which adds advanced cooling and moisture-wicking benefits. 

Environmentally friendly.

It’s challenging to pin down exactly what is meant by “eco-friendly.” To different people, it might indicate different things. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the term “eco-friendly” refers to having a minimal influence on the environment or being created with that in mind. For this reason, no hazardous chemicals, emissions, or materials are used in the manufacture of Jamison Mattresses or products.

Different mattresses for everyone

Some people need a soft mattress to soothe the sensitive areas of their body as they sleep. Others might need a supportive mattress that is firm. Last but not least, some people choose for a medium-firm mattress to establish a decent balance between the two beds.

Jamison Mattresses have released multiple “collections”. Each collection is made to fit different needs and wants. We will go through them below, but rest assured they have a mattress to fit all the different supporting needs. 

Multiple Layers of Support.

The mattress support layers, commonly known as the core, contain all of the layers beneath the quilting and comfort layers. They are essentially in charge of spinal alignment, which is one of the two primary tasks of any mattress. Get rid of waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Under the cover of every Jamsion mattress is a comprehensive support system created with your body in mind.


The Jamison Collections

Jamison is an industry leader in producing high-quality mattresses. They have released four separate collections, each with unique features that meet different sleep needs.  Below we will breakdown each of the different collections they have released with short pro-con lists. We hope that this will allow to narrow down your choices! 

Autograph Collection

You must determine which of the Essential, Premium, and Hybrid models in the Jamison Autograph Collection offers the characteristics that are most important to you. For instance, the Jamison Autograph Premium mattress’ high-density foam makes it a great choice for pressure alleviation. There are hard, medium, and soft mattress options available, which contains the standard innerspring coil support system. Their Autograph Hybrid mattress, which is more expensive, has individually responsive pocket coils. Customers generally like the choices offered by the Autograph series, including the less expensive Essentials mattress. However, others have raised concerns about durability and long-lasting comfort.

Resort Collection

The Jamison Resort Collection is the most suitable option if you desire a plush mattress. It reacts nicely to the sleeper because to the foam’s high degree of flexibility. The Resort Collection does not feel hot and will even drain moisture away from your body, comparable to other expensive and luxurious mattresses.

A cooling memory foam mattress with gentle, medium, and firm support choices is part of the Resort Collection. This mattress is also offered as a flippable hybrid option, and some variations come with a layer of latex that has been infused with graphite. However, despite the fact that the cooling functions are a great addition, several buyers have complained about durability difficulties.

TLC Collection

The TLC Collection, which comes with a 20-year warranty, is a great choice if you want a long-lasting mattress. It is also ideal for those who like latex foam to other synthetic materials when they sleep. 
A latex and memory foam mattress from The Latex Collection (TLC) is offered in soft, medium, and firm support choices. Layers of gel latex, latex infused with graphite, pressure-relieving memory foam, and a latex support core are placed underneath the top layer of a cool weave zipper cover.

Jamison Paradise - Bronze

Sleep Response Collection

The Jamison Response Collection is a perfect option for people who prefer cooling comfort and pressure reduction. A 10-year warranty is also included, which is a little shorter than others but still competitive for most beds.

All-memory foam or hybrid model mattresses from Jamison’s Sleep Response Collection are designed to provide users a restful night’s sleep. Of course, These mattresses have layers of gel memory foam and various support foams underneath a quilted memory foam euro top layer. The soft, medium, and firm support levels for the Sleep Response mattresses are optional, and buyers frequently praise the initial firmness of these beds. However, some consumers have raised concerns about durability and long-lasting support.

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