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Titan Prestige 3D

The AmaMedic Prestige 3D massage chair offers a 52-inch SL-track rolling system. The AmaMedic is exclusively engineered with the latest Japanese brushless motors, making it one of the smoothest, quietest, and most reliable massage experiences available. The chair comes equipped with tri-core processors for faster response, transition, and reliability. The AmaMedic also offers a 3D Airbag compression massage with pressure sensors to ensure your comfort at all times.

AmaMedic Hilux 4D

The luxurious AmaMedic Hilux 4D massage chair, designed with all the newest technology, luxury, and stylish elegance. Even the smallest of details have been carefully inspected and crafted with the highest quality.

Ador 3D Allure

The Ador 3D Allure is a 3D adjustable massage chair with an advanced SL-track rolling system. The Allure massage chair comes equipped with intelligent voice control, computer body scan, full-body airbag massage, Zero Gravity, 21 automatic programs, Bluetooth speakers, heat therapy, calf kneading, foot massage, and much more.

D.Core Cirrus

The Cirrus massage chair model’s patented True Shiatsu Action and patented Wave Arrays reproduce the most life-like massage on the market.

D. Core Cloud

The D-Core Cloud is a derivative model of the D-Core Cirrus model.  The Cloud is a value added model yet goes beyond providing an excellent massage.

D. Core Stratus

The Stratus massage chair is the harmonious intersection of form and function. It’s patented 3D+ True Shiatsu Action engine and patented forearm Wave Arrays, combined with heat therapy, air compression, and zero-gravity recline, provide unrivaled therapy. Meanwhile, the Stratus’ real black walnut trim and Japanese nature-inspired design imbues any room in the house with tranquility and organic elegance.

JPMedics Kumo

  The JPMedics Kumo Massage Chair is a Japanese-made massage chair with a 4D massage roller with an advanced L-Track.

MLILY Fusion Luxe

  AIRCELL FOAM WITH AN INNERSPRING SYSTEM Hybrid Design We take advantage of our most advanced sleep technology, combining two high-performance beds into one complete mattress. The top half is centered around comfort with our AirCell technology. While the bottom half delivers the support, designed through specially engineered pocket springs that help deliver a healthier, more regenerative sleep. Fusion Hybrid Series | 12.5″ The MLILY Fusion Luxe continues to be one of our most popular mattresses. The cooling cover steals the show as soon as you touch it. The cover, along with the cooling foams and pocketed spring beneath it heighten the overall sleeping experience.
  • Medium Plush Feel
  • Cooling Knit Cover
  • 1000 Pocketed X-Springs
  • Top Selling Medium Hybrid Mattress

The DreamCloud

Wake up delighted to take on the day with this dreamy mix of memory foam and innerspring coils that give you the best sleep of your life, every night.

Nectar Premier

Nectar Premier is a medium plush, high-quality, performance memory-foam mattress, overbuilt for the price, featuring three ultra-premium layers of Certi-PUR certified foams, engineered to deliver the ideal ratio of softness, firmness and support, most people want.
Get enhanced cooling, comfort and support. Sleep soundly as PCM-infused gel memory foam meets your body temp needs. A denser comfort layer cradles you toward gah-gah-level coziness.

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