Dreamcloud Premier Rest Review

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Dreamcloud Premier Rest Review
Dreamcloud Premier Rest Review

Brief History Of The Dreamcloud Mattress Company

Welcome to our Dreamcloud premier rest review! Before we get into the breakdown of Dreamcloud and their premier line, we wanted to talk about the company behind it.  While most people believe that Dreamcloud is their own brand, they are actually owned by a parent company named Resident(Formerly know as Dreamcloud Holdings). Resident owns the brands: Nectar Sleep, Dreamcloud Sleep, Level Sleep, AWARA, Siena and Cloverlane.  Dreamcloud Holdings was founded in 2016 and released their first product(Nectar Mattress) in 2017.  It wasn’t until 2018 that they released their staple mattress: Dreamcloud.

Resident’s main headquarters is located in San Francisco but it should be noted that they have a dedicated office in New York and a R&D Facility in Tel Aviv. While most of their products have been produced overseas in the past, they have recently started moving production to the US. In June 2022 they opened a manufacturing facility in Jeffersonville Indiana. Residents mission is stated as “We believe your living space shouldn’t just look good, it should feel good. That’s why we’ve created a house of brands that focuses on quality materials, timeless style, and most importantly, comfort”.

Why Choose a Dreamcloud Mattress Premier Mattress?

Sleep is a vital function that lets your body and mind rest so that you may wake up feeling rejuvenated and aware. Healthy sleep is also important for keeping the body disease-free and healthy. The brain cannot operate effectively without enough sleep. Your capacity to focus, think clearly, and process memories may all be hampered by lack of sleep. The average adult needs between seven and nine hours of sleep every night.  Medical issues, work schedules, everyday worries, a noisy bedroom, or a sub-par mattress can all keep us from getting adequate sleep.  The Dreamcloud premier line is one of Residents best selling mattress lines throughout all of the brands they represent.  Many of our benchmarks for what an outstanding mattress must offer are met by Dreamcloud mattress’s premier line. The Dreamcloud Premier rest is made of high-quality materials and features eight distinct layers of comfort and support. The Dreamcloud was designed to give a cooler night’s sleep, from the tufted cashmere cover that promotes optimal ventilation to the gel memory foam in the top comfort layer. This mattress offers higher-grade comfort components than most other hybrid mattresses because of the polyurethane foam and latex layers that rest underneath. Check out the main selling points of this mattress below!

DreamCloud Premier Rest Mattress Layer Construction

Dreamcloud Premier Rest Review

Top and Cover Layer

The Cover and Pillow Top layer contain high-loft memory foam that is woven into the silky cashmere mix top cover of the DreamCloud Premier Rest. The tufted cashmere layer is coupled with a 1″ layer of soft foam just beneath it, and these layers together create a pillow-top.  A really soft sensation is produced on top of the mattress.

Comfort and Transition Layer

The next two layer are the comfort and transitional layers. The Dreamcloud Premier Rest includes a thick (2.5″) layer of soft foam under its pillow-top. This gives the mattress more suppleness and pressure alleviation. A transitional layer of firmer foam below that helps keep sleepers from sinking too deeply into the mattress.

Support and Base Layer

The DreamCloud Premier Rest’s main support layer is made up of 8.5″ individually-wrapped coils. The bounce and responsiveness of the mattress are provided by these coils. A layer of foundation support foam beneath the coils preserves the integrity of the mattress as a whole.

Dreamcloud Premier Rest Review- Sleeping Positions


Dreamcloud Premier Rest Review

Side Sleepers

For the majority of side sleepers, the DreamCloud Premier Rest is a fantastic choice. The pillow-top and 2.5-inch polyfoam comfort layer of the plush comfort system cradle and cushion the body, especially pressure-sensitive regions like the hips and shoulders. The pocketed coil core and polyfoam transition layer simultaneously support the sleeper softly so they may keep a straight spine.

Particularly suited to side sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds is this mattress. Both heavier and lighter side sleepers can use the Premier Rest. However, some people under 130 pounds could feel a minor buildup of pressure, while people above 230 pounds might sink in too deeply in their hips and shoulders

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers can use the DreamCloud Premier Rest comfortably. A back sleeper’s hips are hugged by the pillow top and 2.5-inch polyfoam layer, while the coil core and polyfoam transition surface provide constant support for appropriate spine position.

Dreamcloud Premier Rest Review
Dreamcloud Premier Rest Review

Stomach Sleepers

In general, stomach sleepers want a firmer sleeping surface than what the DreamCloud Premier Rest offers. This model’s medium feel and fluffy cushion top make it unlikely to provide stomach sleepers with the support they require to maintain spinal alignment and avoid pain. Most people’s midsections will probably sink further, placing pressure on their lower backs. Except for those under 130 pounds who often don’t sink in far enough to suffer these problems, stomach sleepers normally do.

Dreamcloud Premier Rest Review- Mattress Performance

In order to evaluate the DreamCloud Premier Rest’s ability to regulate temperature, transmit motion, support edges, and other factors, we subjected it to a number of tests. See our results below!

Sleeping Cool

The DreamCloud Premier Rest provides a fantastic job of sleeping cool despite its thick foam layers. This is made possible by the mattress’s permeable cover and the coils, which permit air to flow through the mattress’ center.

In general, hybrid and innerspring mattresses keep you cooler while you sleep than all-foam mattresses. This is so that air can move through the mattress thanks to the coils.


Motion Transfer

The movement that may be felt from one side of the bed to the other is known as motion transfer. Because you’re less likely to be annoyed by a partner’s tossing and turning on a bed that absorbs motion efficiently, couples typically choose a mattress with low motion transfer. On the DreamCloud Premier Rest mattress, it’s quite unlikely that your sleep would be interrupted by a restless spouse. It does a terrific job of isolating motion with its pillow-top layer.

Edge Support

Strong edges make a mattress appear larger, which is ideal for couples who want to spread out. The edges of the Premier Rest are strengthened with harder steel coils, and they provide reliable support. Sitting or laying on the edge of this bed should feel secure to you.

Pressure Relief

In comparison to many hybrids of equivalent quality, the Premier Rest Mattress provides a lot of pressure alleviation. It offers tremendous cradling, especially around the shoulders and hips, thanks to its fluffy pillowtop and comfort layer. To keep the spine in alignment throughout the night, the transition layer and support core prevent the sleeper from sinking too far into the mattress.


The Premier Rest’s surface is reasonably simple to maneuver. Sleepers shouldn’t experience the sense of being stuck in the bed that is typical of mattresses with thick layers of memory foam because the mattress has a medium feel and contains largely responsive materials.

The comfort system’s main component is polyfoam, which quickly assumes its original shape when the sleeper moves. The coil core also adds considerable bounce to the mattress. This combination makes moving around the bed’s surface simple.

Dreamcloud Premier Rest Review- Final Thoughts

 Are you still debating whether or not the Premier Rest is the ideal bed for you? Although we can’t decide for you, we can give you a few closing suggestions to aid in your selection. We absolutely value this mattress’ genuine medium-firm feel. It makes most sleeping positions pretty pleasant, which will make it very popular with couples. Particularly as it offers excellent motion isolation without losing responsiveness. We appreciate that this bed relieves pressure while maintaining support. We believe many sleepers will like the quilted pillow top layer of this mattress. Overall, the Premier Rest is a terrific choice if you’re searching for long-lasting support and pressure point alleviation.

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