Does BeautyRest Make Good Mattresses?

An in-depth breakdown of beautyRest.

BeautRest Mattress have been around for a very long time. This comes with their name having some notoriety for being an outstanding choice when it comes to mattress. Since inventing and pioneering the pocketed coil system BeautyRest has been very busy. Now that it’s the 21st Century, they have kept up with the times and have made some outstanding mattress lines.

No matter your sleeping preferences, we feel that BeautyRest will have a mattress that is perfect for you. With there being so many options to chose from, we will make sure to break down all that each has to offer. SleepCity is here to ensure that you can find exactly what you are looking for when it comes to getting an amazing nights rest.

The Backstory Behind BeautyRest

The Early Days

With the invention of the pocketed coil in 1925, the Beautyrest mattress line was born. Simmons Bedding Co., a business with a long history of quality and craftsmanship, designed the mattress. Then, in 1958, Simmons revolutionized the bedroom once more by being the first to introduce Queen and King mattress sizes into the market. By giving a larger selection of mattress sizes to the public this increased sales dramatically.

Modern Times

“The Bowling Ball Mattress,” one of their most iconic Ad’s, appeared in 1995. This was to demonstrate how their Pocketed Coil® springs system is the best in the world. I don’t know if anyone else will remember it so if you would like to see the old Ad you can Click Here. Another significant innovation for BeautyRest was the launch of the T3 Pocketed Coil in 2003. The internal support system is made up of triple-stranded, high-quality springs. The T3 Pocketed Coil improves support and pressure relief while decreasing motion, therefor extending the mattress’s lifespan. BeautyRest Black was first offered to the world in 2006. BeautyRest Black is the industry’s #1 premium innerspring range, and has become synonymous with amazing and restoring sleep.

What Does BeautyRest Offer

BeautyRest has a wide range of mattress lines to chose from. Wether you’re a fan of a more firm mattress, or you are looking for for something that will cool you while you sleep. BeautyRest has a mattress that is perfect for you. We will break down each mattress that is offered, showing every line they offer. This so you can get a better idea of the selection you have to choose from when buying a BeautyRest mattress. 

The BeautRest Black Line

Beautyrest Black C-Class

The Black C-Class Medium Pillow Top TwinXL Size Mattress has many exciting features for users of all types. It’s one of FactoryOutletStore’s best selling Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattresses . See the Black C-Class Medium Pillow Top TwinXL Size Mattress gallery images above for more product views. The Black C-Class Medium Pillow Top TwinXL Size Mattress is sold as a Brand New Unopened Item.

Beautyrest Black L-Class Plush

 Beautyrest Black Hybrid L-Class plush mattress comes with a ContourFit design that conforms to any sleep positions with its superior stretch and recovery surface. This surface adapts with you and engages more closely. With the Dynamic Response pressure relieving memory foams you get a deeper, better sleep. The memory foam comfort layers are infused with AirCool that promotes freedom of movement and a comfortable sleeping temperature. Topped by BlackICE Hybrid technology that uses Beautyrest’s most advanced temperature management system, you are sure to experience cooler, better sleep. Additionally, the L-Class mattress offers the elevated design and performance of the legendary support found in Simmons Beautyrest Black Hybrids with the exclusive T3 Pocketed Coil Technology. A system with three steel-strands wound into one coil that absorb energy, reduces motion and provides exceptional resiliency for support, durability and a relaxed, undisturbed sleep.

Beautyrest Black C-Class Plush Pillow Top

Sleep is more than a necessity and a mattress should represent something more than utility. Beautyrest Black® is where technology and luxury intertwine to take you far beyond mere comfort. It’s about sleep that indulges the senses. Sleep that refuses to compromise. Sleep that’s so completely restorative and inspiring, it borders on the sacred. Explore the distinctive elements that compose the Beautyrest Black sleep experience. A bed is an intimate choice—and it’s no coincidence that our high performance fabrics play a key part. When combined with our T3 Pocketed Coil Technology and premium memory foams, the luxurious fabrics create a rejuvenating sleep environment that can only be experienced with a Beautyrest Black mattress.

The BeautyRest Harmony Line

BeautyRest Harmony Lux Diamond Classic Top

BeautyRest Harmony Lux Diamond Series features their latest innovations in support, comfort, and cooling that work together in harmony for a better night’s sleep. Its new and innovative coil design and support system, advanced pressure-relieving foams, uniquely engineered cooling technologies, and exclusive sustainable fabric technology. This makes the collection the ultimate choice in premium bedding. Featuring their Micro Diamond Memory Foam, the Diamond Series is designed to conduct heat away from your body and keep you cool all night long.

BeautyRest Harmony Lux Carbon Classic Top

Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon Series features their latest innovations in support, comfort, and cooling that work together in harmony for a better night’s sleep. Its new and innovative coil design and support system, advanced pressure relieving foams, uniquely engineered cooling technologies and exclusive sustainable fabric technology makes this collection the ultimate choice in premium bedding. Featuring their RightTemp Wave Foam, the Harmony Lux Carbon Series allows you to sleep cool and comfortable all night. 

Harmony Lux Hybrid Empress Firm

The BeautyRest Harmony Lux Hybrid is the only premium Hybrid mattress that can deliver a dynamic trio of sustainable technologies. Their proprietary ContourFit Design construction, and our exclusive dual strand T2 Pocketed Coil Technology for truly restorative, sustainable sleep. 

The BeautyRest Select Line

BeautyRest Select Firm Hybrid

Developed by the pioneer of the Hybrid Mattress, the new Beautyrest Select Hybrid line offers consistent, conforming support that allows you to find your optimal sleep position. Combing Beautyrests 800 Series Pocket Coil Techology, Gel Memory Foam, and ContourFit Design, this mattress provides you best of both and innerspring and memory foam mattress.

BeautyRest Select Firm

The Beautyrest Select Firm model is constructed of quality materials to provide consistent comfort over the life of your mattress. At the same time this can help you get the supportive, restful sleep you desire with no sinking feeling. This mattress features proprietary Stretch-Flex Fiber, DualCool Plus Technology, Pocketed Coil Technology, and pressure relieving foams. The Beautyrest Select Firm model will deliver dependable support and comfort to you every night for years to come.

BeautyRest Select Plush Pillowtop

The BeautyRest Select Plush Pillow Top mattresses feature sophisticated design. This is then paired with intuitive technologies so you can wake up every morning refreshed and ready to go. These mattresses feature BeautyRest Pocketed Coil springs which move individually to support the natural shape of your body. In turn, diffusing movement for a peaceful, undisturbed rest.

BeautyRest Price Range

BeautyRest Black

$2149 – $8098

BeautyRest Harmony

$999 – $2599

BeautyRest Select

$469 – $1399

Environmentally Friendly

CertiPUR-US® certification ensures that all Beautyrest mattresses are free of dangerous substances such prohibited phthalates, heavy metals, flame retardants, and formaldehyde. They also adhere to low-VOC requirements for indoor air quality. To put it another way, sleeping on these mattresses will not endanger your health or the health of your loved ones. Simmons took the time and effort to guarantee that these mattresses were built safely.

So Are BeautyRest Mattresses Good?

The Simmons Beautyrest mattresses provide good support, comfort, and motion isolation, but they have some durability issues, according to customer reports. Despite this, the line has a wide range of features. The mattresses contains a SurfaceCool Plus Fiber layer beneath the fabric to regulate temperature, followed by a pillow top for that luxurious sensation.  The manufacture of the Beautyrest mattress, Simmons uses a range of patented foams to provide great comfort and shaping capabilities. The mattress you choose determines the level of comfort, support, and features you receive.

Closing thoughts

Investing in a BeautyRest mattress can be a smart choice for those who want a great mattress. When compared to brands, such as Nectar, they do tend to be a bit more expensive. The BeautyRest Black Hybrid is considered a high-end mattress, so so this can be a factor of the higher prices. It goes without saying that with the degree of comfort and support you get from a BeautyRest mattress will depend on the category it belongs to, as well as the level of firmness you choose. In this regard, Simmons deserves some praise in that they have given plenty of options to consumers of all budgets and all sleep preferences.  Here at SleepCity we offer that wide selection of BeautyRest Mattresses. if you are interested in learning more you can visit our BeautyRest page Here. 

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