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Brief History Of The Diamond Mattress Company

We hope you enjoy our Diamond Mattress Reviews and it helps your decision-making process! The Diamond mattress company differs from a lot of competitors because of how long they have been in the industry. They are a 4th generation family-owned and operated company. Established in 1946 in California. They have been in the “sleep game” for almost 80 years and don’t show any sign of changing! Throughout their history, they have been dedicated to providing everyone a well-rested night’s sleep and turning dreams of better sleep into a reality. They understand that everyone’s body is unique and there can not be a “one size fits all approach”. This is why they have created such a  wide variety of firmness and layering options throughout their many different mattress lines. 

They have been recognized for creating high-quality mattresses and other bedroom accessories. Diamond Mattress company has been able to survive in the competitive mattress scene for so long because they continue to adapt to the changing world. A perfect example is the Diamon Mattress App that they recently released. The Diamond Mattress App is committed to innovation that puts people first in order to better lives and change how they see sleep. By mastering the art of sleep wellbeing, they are doing more than just manufacturing mattresses. Enjoy the rest of our Diamond Mattress Reviews!

Why Pick A Diamond Mattress?

Sleep. Everybody wishes they had more of it. It’s sometimes still elusive to a large population. A lack of sleep can actually have a significant negative influence on your health, despite the fact that yawning and feeling weary all the time can be annoying. What does getting between seven and eight hours of sleep every night actually do for you, according to experts? According to sleep can boost your immune system, prevent weight gain, strengthen your heart, increase your mood, increase productivity, increase exercise performance and even improve memory! Diamond Mattress knows the value of a good night’s sleep and has worked hard to produce high-quality products to promote a perfect night’s slumber. 
  • Amazing Motion Isolation
  • Pressure Relief 
  • Unmatched Temperature Control
  • Increased Edge Support
  • Ease Of Movement
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • No Off-Gassing

Amazing Motion Isolation

Whether or not movement on one area of the mattress is sensed in other areas of the mattress is referred to as motion isolation. The Hybrid structure of the diamond mattress lines has increased motion isolation so you don’t disturb your sleep partner.  People who share a bed with a spouse, kids, or pets should prioritize motion isolation, especially if they are easily startled by movement.

Pressure Relief

Mattresses are supposed to ease pressure by uniformly distributing body weight and preventing painful points. Mattress firmness has a direct impact on pressure alleviation, and most people find versions with some contouring to be the most comfortable. The Diamond Mattress line aims to lessen force around typical contact points, such the shoulders and hips, by conforming to the contours of the body. One of the most vital components of a mattress is pressure reduction, but for athletes and persons with chronic pain, it can be even more crucial.

Unmatched Temperature Control

Temperature control refers to a mattress’ capacity to control the surface temperature when utilized as a performance criterion. Certain materials have a natural tendency to retain heat, which can effectively trap the body heat of the sleeper against them. More breathable elements allow air to enter and exit the sleeping surface, which helps heat to escape. Diamond Mattress materials are made to actively transmit heat away from the body of the sleeper, aiding in the maintenance of a more stable body temperature. Check out this comparison video!

Ease Of Movement

The amount of effort required to move about on a mattress is referred to as ease of movement. A design must allow for a minimum amount of sinkage and quickly resume its former shape when pressure is released in order to fare well in the ease of movement category.

Diamond Mattresses excel in this category because their material doesn’t take a long time to return to its normal shape.  While other mattresses may create body imprints that make people feel confined in their beds as they sleep, diamond mattresses’ hybrid construction makes it easy to move about the bed.

Environmentally friendly.

It’s challenging to pin down exactly what is meant by “eco-friendly.” To different people, it could indicate different things. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the term “eco-friendly” refers to having a minimal influence on the environment or being created with that in mind. For this reason, no hazardous chemicals, emissions, or materials are used in the manufacture of Diamond Mattresses or goods.

No Off-Gassing

Off-gassing is the term for the first smell that most new mattresses produce. When you take a mattress out of its box for the first time, off-gassing happens. Due to the fact that vacuum sealing them preserves chemical leftovers.  When you open the package in your house, it is particularly obvious with mattress-in-a-box mattresses.

No known major health hazards are associated with off-gassing scents, but they can be unpleasant. The Diamond Mattress company receives high praises in this category. They have a very little scent when first getting set up and are proud of this! They believe it helps show the quality of the products they produce.

Increased Edge Support

Diamond Mattress will make you feel confident on the very edge of your mattress! Edge support can refer to a specific element that fortifies the sides or it can simply refer to how solid the mattress’ edge feels. Edge support is used to refer to the former as performance criteria.

Numerous aspects of the sleep experience are influenced by the stability of the perimeter. It controls how near you may lie to the edge of the bed without feeling unsteady, which is perhaps most significant.

 Diamond Mattress Reviews Lines – Product Lines

Diamond Mattress sells mattresses online and in-store under five different product lines(Grateful, Intention, Faith, Transformation, and Rally). The majority of their products incorporate pocketed coil mattresses that respond to your body individually. Additionally, some of their mattresses have cutting-edge components, such as memory foam with copper infusions that disperse heat. Customers generally give them good ratings for initial comfort, however, there are some varied opinions regarding longevity and occasional complaints about comfort degradation. However, this is a common complaint among all major mattress brands and not specific to Diamond.

Intention Mattress: Diamond Mattress Reviews

Three firmness levels are available for the Intention Mattress as well.  is above the pocketed coil matrix, it features a transitional foam layer, an egg-crate foam layer that is conductive, and a Cooltouch thermal regulating cover. Three zones on the pocketed coils support the spine. Customers generally give this mattress high marks for its initial comfort, however, some have complained about comfort degradation throughout the lifespan. 

Grateful Mattress : Diamond Mattress Reviews

Three hardness levels, ranging from firm to plush, are available for the Grateful mattress. Its comfort layers include a quilted top designed to promote ventilation, a memory foam layer with cooling gel and a high-density transitional foam layer. A matrix of zoned pocketed coils underneath that is intended to respond to the body in its own way and offer ergonomic support. Customers seem to like the Grateful mattress in general at first, and its pricing is reasonable. However, some people occasionally have problems with durability.

Diamond Mattress Reviews: Faith Mattress

The Faith mattress has a CoolTouch cover, conductive foam, and transitional foam on top of a variety of pocketed coils in three different firmness levels. This mattress has comparable qualities to the Intention but a taller profile and larger comfort layers. The majority of consumers initially enjoy their Faith mattresses, however, a small percentage have had durability issues.

Diamond Mattress Reviews: Transformation Mattress

Micro coil technology is a feature of the Transformation Mattress that helps the mattress conform naturally to the body. The conductive foam, micro coil matrix, Cooltouch cover, and transitional high-density foam make up their comfort layers. The pocketed coil matrix for back support is located underneath. The Transformation mattress initially appealed to the majority of buyers, however some encountered concerns with long-term comfort.
Diamond Mattress Reviews

Rally Mattress : Diamond Mattress Reviews

The Rally mattresses are unique in the fact that allows consumers to customize their mattresses by choosing between all-foam or hybrid designs, as well as a number of ancillary advantages. Popular choices include those with a lower price point and a high-density base foam support system. Most consumers can find something they like thanks to the variety of firmness options.


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