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Brief History Of The Cariloha Mattress Company

Welcome to Sleep City’s Bamboo Mattress Reviews! We like to start out all of our reviews will small sections about the companies behind the mattress. We feel like looking at the company’s policies and philosophies can give a better picture of their quality than the list of details that we will provide later in this guide. Our hope is this will be helpful if you are weighing different bamboo mattress options. Cariloha was originally founded in 2007. However, its origin story is slightly different than most mattress companies because it started as an apparel store. In 2009 they really wanted to integrate the island lifestyle into their products. The answer? They started incorporating and creating apparel completely out of bamboo. Throughout 2010 they soared in popularity and started opening stores throughout the nation. All focused on using sustainable bamboo as their production material. In an effort to increase the reach of their sustainable product they moved into the mattress business and have again gained prominence for a quality product. Even being featured on Forbes and other major companies websites.

This company is completely based on the idea of sustainable development. They even have their own 10-square-mile bamboo farm. This is completely sustainable in-house farm! This quote is a perfect example of what they are trying to encapulate “Our commitment to bamboo sustainability starts at the source – right out of the ground – and extends all the way to your home and back again. It’s a respectful, synergetic relationship that requires constant care and nurturing. We never take what we can’t replenish.”

Bamboo Mattress Reviews – Why Choose A Bamboo Mattress?

Your mattress has the biggest effect on your sleep patterns and quality. 

Sleep is a vital aspect of general health, and most experts agree that people can increase their sleep quality by switching around their sleeping surfaces. Personal comfort is a subjective term beyond that. Your body and mind need to relax when you sleep in order for you to wake up feeling rejuvenated and aware. To be healthy and disease-free, the body needs enough sleep. The brain cannot function effectively without enough sleep. Lack of sleep may impair your ability to focus, retain information, and think clearly. Everyone believes that getting a restful night’s sleep must be a major priority, and the Bamboo mattress was created with this thought in mind.


The revolutionary bamboo mattress made by Cariloha is renowned for being cooler and more hygienic than many other mattress types. The bamboo mattress has a lot going for it, including cutting-edge foam compositions that focus on ventilation and ease pressure spots. Below are just a few of the notable features of this mattress.  

  • Amazing Cooling
  • Increased Motion Isolation 
  • Phenomenal Edge Support
  • Great Warranty

Amazing Cooling

All foam mattresses have a tendency to get warm as you sleep, but the Cariloha Resort mattress includes a lot of built-in cooling mechanisms to help you stay cool. First of all, bamboo naturally breathes well and wicks away moisture. The bamboo mattress cover feels cool to the touch and is silky smooth.

For enhanced ventilation, the comfort layer’s memory foam is created with bamboo charcoal. In addition to enhancing the cooling impact of the mattress, charcoal is well recognized for its antibacterial and detoxifying characteristics, which help keep your mattress fresh and clean for longer. A layer of memory foam with gel infusion enhances cooling effects.


Increased Motion Isolation

Why is motion isolation necessary and what does it entail? This will be especially significant to couples looking for a new mattress. This is due to the fact that better motion isolation results in better sleep for both you and your companion.

More so than other mattress kinds, memory foam mattresses have a tendency to reduce excessive motion. You won’t be as likely to wake up every time your companion tosses and turns as a result. This is especially accurate for the mattress from the Cariloha Resort. When moving, there wasn’t much motion transmission.

Increased Edge Support

Edge support will be especially crucial for couples sharing a smaller mattress. While inadequate edge support can make a bed appear smaller than it is, good edge support enables users to use the whole sleeping surface of the mattress without worrying about rolling out of bed.

All-foam mattresses frequently have poor edge support. But the Cariloha Resort mattress is designed with strengthened high-density support wedges along the side for better edge support, allowing sleepers to comfortably utilize the full surface area. This mattress is a wonderful option for couples because of its little motion transmission and strong edge support.


Cariloha mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty. This covers defects in materials and/or workmanship including deterioration of the foams causing indentations greater than ¾ of an inch. We always recommend reading through the warranty before purchasing.

The Bamboo Mattress 6 Layer Construction


Layer 1. The Bamboo Mattress Cover: All the advantages of bamboo are present in this mattress cover, which is soft, breathable, and cool to the touch.

Layer 2. The Bamboo Comfort Memory Foam: This bamboo charcoal memory foam is hypoallergenic, breathable, and combined with viscoelastic memory foam for the best pressure relief and cooling.

Layer 3. Advanced Side Wedge: You may comfortably use more of the sleeping area thanks to improved edge support provided by reinforced foam wedge support.

Layer 4. Comfort Layer: This layer of memory foam with gel infusion draws heat away from the mattress, helping to regulate temperature.

Layer 5.  Response Layer: This layer of responsive, hypoallergenic natural latex foam keeps sleepers from bottoming out on the stronger support layer underneath.

Layer 6. Base Foam: Your mattress keeps its form better with the aid of a thick layer of supporting foam. Its goal is to increase airflow so you may sleep more comfortably throughout the night.


Two mattress styles from Cariloha are available in different firmness levels. Their Classic Bamboo Mattress feels medium-firm and is rated 7 out of 10 for firmness. It's a terrific choice for back and stomach sleepers who like memory foam's gradual response time and firmer foundation for concentrated pressure alleviation. Their Resort Bamboo Mattress is medium-soft and is rated a 5 out of 10 for firmness. For back, side, and combination sleepers who desire a plusher sensation that cradles your hips and shoulders, it's a fantastic alternative.

Bamboo Mattress Reviews

The Bamboo Mattress Reviews: Based on Sleep Position


Back Sleepers: The greatest mattresses for back sleepers provide the best spinal support while appropriately distributing weight. The mattress is divided into zones to deliver specialized relief without sacrificing support. Therefore, the Cariloha Resort Bamboo bed should be comfortable for back sleepers of ordinary weight. Again, light side sleepers could discover this mattress to be a little too hard.

Side Sleepers: The significance of pressure relief is probably already clear to you if you sleep on your side. Painful pressure points in the hips and shoulders are one of the main complaints of side sleepers. Average-weight side sleepers are best suited to the Cariloha Resort’s medium-soft feel and traditional memory foam feel. This mattress could be a little too hard for lighter side sleepers to find comfortable.

Stomach Sleepers: For stomach sleepers, the medium-soft texture of the Cariloha Resort mattress is not the best option. Our hips did not feel like they were supported enough, which might have put unnecessary strain on the lower back. A firmer mattress, like the Cariloha Classic Bamboo mattress, can be preferable for strict stomach sleepers.


The Bamboo Mattress Collections


Bamboo Mattress Reviews:  Classic Mattress

For those who like the advantages of high density foam without the disadvantages of a sluggish recovery, the Cariloha mattress is a fantastic medium firm mattress. This mattress doesn’t allow you to sink too deeply, which is helpful for cooling. Although this mattress has more edge support.

If you are familiar with and enjoy the brand Cariloha linens, I believe you will enjoy their mattress selection as well.

Bamboo King Mattress Gel $399

Bamboo Mattress Reviews: Resort Mattress

The Cariloha Bamboo Resort mattress, like its bedding and bathroom goods, is a fantastic all-foam mattress that is inexpensive, comfy, and made from bamboo fiber. The Cariloha mattress’s several foam layers combine to provide an extremely comfortable but supportive mattress that is perfect for most sleeping positions. Due to its 10′′ all-foam construction, which causes some sinkage for larger sleepers but does offer decent edge control with the edge support system, the resort accommodates heavier sleepers and couples perfectly.

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