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Benifits Of Having A Firm Mattress

We spend a large portion of our life sleeping. According to this Study, People who sleep 8 hours a night will on average spend 229,961 hours or 1/3 of their life asleep. There have been many independent studies on how sleeping poorly can negatively affect the rest of your day. One of the biggest factors leading to a restful night’s sleep is buying the correct mattress to match your needs. We have been getting a lot of questions related to “are firm mattresses better”? We wanted to create an article that would showcase the benefits of having a firm mattress and help answer some of these questions. 

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Why Firm Mattresses May Be Best For You

Firm mattresses provide excellent support, are appropriate for the majority of sleeping positions, and are good for the joints and spine. Regardless of your personal taste, a firmer mattress may be the best mattress for your sleep and health. Of course, before you make the transition, you should know what the advantages of a firm mattress are. 

People are now starting to care more about their health than having the most up-to-date bedroom furniture. Especially if their current furniture causes soreness and disturbed nights of sleep. With so many advantages, it’s no surprise that more people are opting for firm mattresses to sleep soundly at night. People with certain health issues, such as back and neck problems, may benefit from a firm or semi-firm mattress. This is due to the fact that sleepers can easily maintain a neutral spinal position all night. A firm mattress has been found to be the most comfortable for people with back problems. 

An innerspring coil mattress with a box spring was once the only option for a firm mattress. In order to achieve solid support, this often necessitated sacrificing comfort. Today’s sophisticated sleep technologies, on the other hand, have resulted in a plethora of firm mattress options. Memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses are among them. Below is a more detailed breakdown of the health benefits of a more firm mattress.

Weight Distribution

A firm mattress with adequate weight distribution guarantees that your body does not slump or slide in a certain direction. Regardless of where you are on the bed, this characteristic should be apparent. For example, if you lie on one side towards the edge of the mattress, it should be solid enough that you don’t feel unstable and don’t slide off.


Soreness in the muscles in your legs, arms, or head might be caused by a lack of support. It can also damage your spine’s alignment since your core may be strained in an attempt to compensate for the misalignment in other regions of your body.

Are Firm Mattresses Better

Lower Sleeping Temperature

Cooler temperatures, according to studies, make it simpler to get a good night’s sleep. As it adapts to your body, a softer mattress provides greater insulation, trapping your body’s heat between you and the bed. Such a feature might make your nights sweaty and uncomfortable.

Firmer mattresses provide greater airflow between your body and the bed since you sink less. Excess heat easily escapes before becoming trapped by the mattress.  The outcome of the colder environment is a more peaceful night’s sleep. The firmer mattress can also minimize the amount of times you have to wash your bedding since it lowers nightly perspiration.

Easier Sleep With A Partner

 Even if you sleep towards the edge, a firm mattress will give support. It can also absorb motion more effectively than a softer mattress. This is important for couples because it keeps motion from spreading over the mattress.

If your companion is a frequent turner, absorbing the energy from his or her movement is critical to enjoying a good night’s sleep. At the same time, you can get up in the middle of the night for a drink of water without waking up your mate.

"Are Firm Mattresses Better?
Diamond Mattress Review

A Deep Sleep

Your muscles will try to adjust if your body is not in a neutral position while you sleep, causing unneeded effort. This is one of the reasons why individuals “toss and turn” to get comfortable.

A firm mattress may reduce these tensions by offering the correct amount of support to every region of your body, allowing you to rest rather than relying on your muscles for support all night. A deeper, more comfortable sleep is the outcome of having your body adjusted and balanced.

Unmatched Edge Of The Bed Support

The sturdiness of a mattress’s outside parts is referred to as edge support. On a practical level, this feature allows you to sit on the edge of the bed without slipping off, and it makes getting into and out of bed simpler.

Additionally, if you sleep with a partner, you may find yourself on the verge of passing out every night. In this situation, you’ll want it to give the same level of support as the mattress’s center. The mattress’s firm edges will support you rather than force you to stay in the same position.

Innerspring Vs Memory Foam

Should I Get a Firm Or Soft Mattress?

If you sleep on your back or want a bed that allows air to circulate so you can sleep cooler, a firmer mattress may be the answer. If your present bed causes lumbar support problems, as well as back or muscular pain, switching to a firmer mattress, may help.

Softer mattresses can have advantages, such as providing softer support for people who suffer from shoulder or hip problems. To balance the benefits of each mattress type, some mattresses use a hybrid construction with softer foam and more supporting springs.

While people usually refer to a bed as either soft or firm, It is more of a sliding scale allowing you to choose a new bed that gives the exact sort of support you want.

When You Should Get A

Soft Mattress

  • Change Sleeping Positions Frequently
  • Wake Up Multiple Times A Night
  • Have A Smaller Body Type
  • Experience Joint and Muscular Discomfort
When You Should Get A

Firm Mattress

  • Have A Heavier Body Type
  • Sleep On Your Stomach Or Back
  • Typically Sleep Through The Night
  • Want Support For Your Spine/Back

Final Thoughts

Still not 100% sure if a firm bed is the correct choice for you? Contact one of our sleep experts! Sleep City is dedicated to helping you have the best night’s sleep by staying up to date on the latest products and newest sleep technology out there! A large portion of the mattresses that we carry have different firmness levels. We are confident we can find the perfect level to help combat any sleep issues you may be having! Check out some of our biggest brands below! 


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